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Compare symptoms of Omicron, Flu and Colds

New York Times Dec 2022 Symptom Table


Forture Mag Jan 2022 Symptom Table

Note: Flu may be much worse this year (already bad in Australia) - July 2022

Medical News Today Sept 2022 Symptom Table


Tulsa Jan 2022 Symptom Table


VitaminDWiki - COVID

Not VitaminDWiki Early Treatment

VitaminDWiki - Flu

Flu in VitaminDWiki has the following
Vitamin D fights all phases of Influenza

VitaminDWiki - Colds

Vitamin D reduces the risk of getting a cold
Respiratory viral infection (RSV) and low vitamin D - many studies
Reduction in Cold and Flu with Vitamin D
Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and taking Zinc every 2 hours reduces the severity and length of colds
4.5X more likely to catch a cold if low sleep - hypothesis - due to low vitamin D

A 50 ng level of Vitamin D greatly reduces the risk of COVID, Flu and Colds

Large vitamin D dose (hammer) will treat Covid and Influenza if taken ASAP

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