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Can Observational Studies be as good as Random Controlled Trials for Vitamin D

Dr. Grant is looking at extending the power of Observational Studies in place of RCT for Vitamin D as of Feb 2013

The source PDF files of previous studies are attached at the bottom of this page

See also VitaminDWiki

short url = http://is.gd/OSRCT

Attached files

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2156 Evidence-based public health Victora - 2004.pdf PDF admin 27 Feb, 2013 22:46 92.44 Kb 768
2153 32-RCTs observational studies heirarchy Concato.pdf PDF admin 27 Feb, 2013 01:23 94.16 Kb 7192
2152 32-RCTs observar comparison Benson.pdf PDF admin 27 Feb, 2013 01:23 119.94 Kb 661
2151 32-RCTs obs meta-analyses Golder.pdf PDF admin 27 Feb, 2013 01:22 561.46 Kb 645
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