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CRISPER-edited tomatoe leaves have 8,000 IU of vitamin D3 per gram - May 2022

Biofortified tomatoes provide a new route to vitamin D sufficiency - May 2022

Nature Plants volume 8, pages611–616 (2022)
Jie Li, Aurelia Scarano, Nestor Mora Gonzalez, Fabio D’Orso, Yajuan Yue, Krisztian Nemeth, Gerhard Saalbach, Lionel Hill, Carlo de Oliveira Martins, Rolando Moran, Angelo Santino & Cathie Martin

Poor vitamin D status is a global health problem; insufficiency underpins higher risk of cancer, neurocognitive decline and all-cause mortality. Most foods contain little vitamin D and plants are very poor sources. We have engineered the accumulation of provitamin D3 in tomato by genome editing, modifying a duplicated section of phytosterol biosynthesis in Solanaceous plants, to provide a biofortified food with the added possibility of supplement production from waste material.

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UVB..."Treatment of leaves was very effective, resulting in yields of vitamin D3 of nearly 200 μg g−1 dry weight""

Note :Tomotoe leaves are 100% editable, and often are cooked

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Note: Far lower cost to just pour vitamin D powder from pill onto any food before cooking or eating

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