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COVID-19 increased: 3.5 if Ultra-Orthodox, 2.6X if dark skin (52,000 Israelis) - Sept, 2020


Deficiency = 12 ng


Based on Vitamin D tests were made sometime in the previous 10 years
82% of Arab females had < 20 ng

1.8 X higher risk if <12 ng vs >30 ng - independent of sex, race

Study does not appear to have information on vitamin D levels and

  • infection severity (ICU, death, etc)
  • asymtomatic
  • long-haul, etc.

Note: Those people increasing their vitamin D levels due to fear of COVID-19 would not be representing properly in these charts

Study noted: Recent Vitamin D drops associated with a 20% reduction in COVID-19 infection
Speculated that the drops increased Vitamin D levels in the mouth
VitaminDWiki speculates: inhaled Vitamin D would be even better than drops

COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

As of Oct 20, 2021, the page had:  34 trials 6 trial results,   27 meta-analyses and reviews,   64 observations,   35 recommendations,   55 associations,  89 speculations,  48 videos   see related:   Governments,   HealthProblems,   Hospitals,  Dark Skins,   26 risk factors are ALL associated with low Vit D,   Recent Virus pages   Fight COVID-19 with 50K Vit D weekly   Vaccines

Ultra-orthodox Jews also suffer from 10 ng vitamin D levels – Nov 2010
Note: Masks over beards probably have decreased effectiveness

High Risk category listing contains the following

56 items in High Risk Category (below)

Those at high-risk of being Vitamin D deficient will require about 1.5X more vitamin D to restore their levels
Those who are at risk due to being obese need about 2X more vitamin D to restore their levels

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   Shut-in category which has 36 items
   Middle East category which has 139 items

19 VitaminDWiki pages had CLOTH in the title as of Aug 2021

Middle East and Vitamin D starts with

139 items in Middle East category

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Recent studies suggest a link between vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 infection. In our population we observe major differences in Covid-19 incidence in ethnic groups and genders in each group.

We carried out a population-based study among 4.6 million members of Clalit Health Services (CHS). We collected results from vitamin D tests performed between 2010 and 2019 and used weighted linear regression to assess the relationship between prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 incidence in 200 localities. Additionally, we matched 52,405 infected patients with 524,050 control individuals of the same sex, age, geographical region and used conditional logistic regression to assess the relationship between baseline vitamin D levels, acquisition of vitamin D supplements in the last 4 months, and positive Covid-19.

We observe a highly significant correlation between prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and Covid- 19 incidence, and between female-to-male ratio for severe vitamin D deficiency and female-to- male ratio for Covid-19 incidence in localities (P<0.001). In the matched cohort, we found a significant association between low vitamin D levels and the risk of Covid-19, with the highest risk observed for severe vitamin D deficiency. A significant protective effect was observed for members who acquired liquid vitamin D formulations (drops) in the last 4 months.

In this large observational population study, we show a strong association between vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 occurrence. After adjustment for baseline characteristics and prior vitamin D levels, acquisition of liquid vitamin D formulations is associated with decreased risk for Covid-19 infection.

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