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Bone fracture healing not a function of vitamin D level – Jan 2013

Vitamin D concentration in patients with normal and impaired bone union.

Pol Orthop Traumatol. 2013 Jan 2;78:1-3.
Boszczyk AM, Zakrzewski P, Pomianowski S.
Department of Musculoskeletal Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedics CMKP, Otwock, Poland.

Background: The aim of the study was to compare vitamin D concentration in patients treated due to delayed bone union and non-union (pseudoarthrosis) and patients with normal fracture healing.

Material/Methods: A retrospective case-control study was conducted. We enrolled 35 patients with inexplicable (standard and correct surgery, closed fracture, no comorbid metabolic diseases) fracture healing impairment, and 35 patients assigned by age and measurement season. Vitamin D (as 25OHD) concentration was measured in all patients.

Results: Vitamin D deficiency was reported in 86% of examined patients. No difference was shown between groups in deficiency prevalence.

Conclusions: Previous studies indicated decreased vitamin D concentration in patients with impaired fracture healing.
However, these studies did not include control groups.
No difference was demonstrated between patients with normal fracture healing and those with impaired bone union in terms of vitamin D deficiency prevalence.

PMID: 23306314

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Wonder if the cofactors were missing in the people whose fractures did not heal.

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