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Avoiding the sun is the same as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day – July 2019

What If Avoiding the Sun Is Bad for You? July 2019

  • “If that study’s findings are correct,” Zirwas says, “that means protecting yourself from ultraviolet light could have the same effect on your mortality as deciding to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.”

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Really old

Smoking reduces vitamin D

UV bulb at home when no sun is available

No – 10 minutes per day of sun-UVB is NOT enough contains the following summary

  • 5-10 minutes provides only 1,000 IU ONLY IF you are near the equator
  • AND young
  •  AND not obese
  •   AND have light skin
  •    AND it is summer
  •     AND it is the middle of the day
  •      AND you have lots of skin exposed to the sun
  •       AND you are lying down
  •        AND you are not wearing sunscreen
  •         AND you have a healthy Liver
  •          AND no clouds and nor air pollution
  •           AND you have good response to sunshine (4X variation between individuals)

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