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Air Pollution reduces Vitamin D

Air pollution decreases vitamin D by:

  1. Pollution reduces the amount of time that people are outdoors
  2. Pollution attenuates the amount of UVB getting to the skin (by only a few percent)
  3. Pollution is often associated with hot temperatures, another reason to not go outdoors
  4. Irritation/Inflammation of lungs may consume vitamin D

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Decrease in UVB: ratio of polluted sky in Tokyo vs clear sky in New Zealand
Note: Tokyo is much closer to equator, so should have much more UVB than NZ
Note: You can ignore the blue = winter line

Vitamin D treated particulate matter health problems - Aug 2018

Effects of vitamin D on inflammatory and oxidative stress responses of human bronchial epithelial cells exposed to particulate matter
PLoS One. 2018 Aug 29;13(8):e0200040. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0200040. eCollection 2018.
Pfeffer PE1,2, Lu H1, Mann EH1, Chen YH1, Ho TR1, Cousins DJ1,3, Corrigan C1, Kelly FJ4, Mudway IS4, Hawrylowicz CM1.
BACKGROUND: Particulate matter (PM) pollutant exposure, which induces oxidative stress and inflammation, and vitamin D insufficiency, which compromises immune regulation, are detrimental in asthma.

OBJECTIVES: Mechanistic cell culture experiments were undertaken to ascertain whether vitamin D abrogates PM-induced inflammatory responses of human bronchial epithelial cells (HBECs) through enhancement of antioxidant pathways.

METHODS: Transcriptome analysis, PCR and ELISA were undertaken to delineate markers of inflammation and oxidative stress; with comparison of expression in primary HBECs from healthy and asthmatic donors cultured with reference urban PM in the presence/absence of vitamin D.

Transcriptome analysis identified over 500 genes significantly perturbed by PM-stimulation, including multiple pro-inflammatory cytokines. Vitamin D altered expression of a subset of these PM-induced genes, including suppressing IL6. Addition of vitamin D suppressed PM-stimulated IL-6 production, although to significantly greater extent in healthy versus asthmatic donor cultures. Vitamin D also differentially affected PM-stimulated GM-CSF, with suppression in healthy HBECs and enhancement in asthmatic cultures. Vitamin D increased HBEC expression of the antioxidant pathway gene G6PD, increased the ratio of reduced to oxidised glutathione, and in PM-stimulated cultures decreased the formation of 8-isoprostane. Pre-treatment with vitamin D decreased CXCL8 and further decreased IL-6 production in PM-stimulated cultures, an effect abrogated by inhibition of G6PD with DHEA, supporting a role for this pathway in the anti-inflammatory actions of vitamin D.

In a study using HBECs from 18 donors, vitamin D enhanced HBEC antioxidant responses and modulated the immune response to PM, suggesting that vitamin D may protect the airways from pathological pollution-induced inflammation.

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Note: Particulate matter problems apparently treated by inhaling Vitamin D

By the founder of VitaminDWiki, who lives near Seattle
In Aug of 2018 there was a lot of particulate matter in the air
The air pollution from wildfires has recently been called a smokestorm (by Cliff Mass)
I went for a bike ride when the smokestorm was almost gone
Felt a restriction in my breathing that night and the next morning.,
I inhaled 3 puffs of Vitamin D and the restriction totally went away in less than an hour
I do not know if the Vitamin D treated the health problem or it the problem would have gone away without it.
   Henry Lahore

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Air Pollution reduces Vitamin D        

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