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After lactation Vitamin D levels are low, increased risk of Breast Cancer, vitamin D should decrease risk – Aug 2021

Vitamin D as a Potential Preventive Agent For Young Women's Breast Cancer

Cancer Prevention Research DOI: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-21-0114
Sarah M. Bernhardt, Virginia F. Borges and Pepper Schedin


Overview Breast Cancer and Vitamin D contains the following summary and sections

Items in both categories Breast Cancer and Pregnancy:

Items in both categories Breast Cancer and Dark Skin:

Breast Cancer 1.5X higher risk in 40 months after latest birth - FREE PDF

Probably also higher risk after twins and closely separated pregnancies

Probably even higher risk of Breast Cancer if any of the above and have dark skin or wear heavy clothing

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Changes in Vitamin D Receptor during pregnancy and lactation

Changes in Vitamin D genes during lactation

Clinical studies backed by research in animal models suggest that vitamin D may protect against the development of breast cancer, implicating vitamin D as a promising candidate for breast cancer prevention. However, despite clear preclinical evidence showing protective roles for vitamin D, broadly targeted clinical trials of vitamin D supplementation have yielded conflicting findings, highlighting the complexity of translating preclinical data to efficacy in humans.

While vitamin D supplementation targeted to high-risk populations is a strategy anticipated to increase prevention efficacy, a complimentary approach is to target transient, developmental windows of elevated breast cancer risk. Postpartum mammary gland involution represents a developmental window of increased breast cancer promotion that may be poised for vitamin D supplementation.

Targeting the window of involution with short-term vitamin D intervention may offer a simple, cost-effective approach for the prevention of breast cancers that develop postpartum. In this review, we highlight epidemiologic and preclinical studies linking vitamin D deficiency with breast cancer development. We discuss the underlying mechanisms through which vitamin D deficiency contributes to cancer development, with an emphasis on the anti-inflammatory activity of vitamin D. We also discuss current evidence for vitamin D as an immunotherapeutic agent and the potential for vitamin D as a preventative strategy for young woman's breast cancer.

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