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400 IU of Vitamin D is too little and annual is too infrequent to prevent falls-fractures (no news) USPSTF Sept 2017

Draft Recommendation Statement

Falls Prevention in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: Interventions

Draft Recommendation Statement

Vitamin D, Calcium, or Combined Supplementation for the Primary Prevention of Fractures in Adults: Preventive Medication

Report on the US Prevention Services Task Force Proposals

USPSTF Draft Statement: Vitamin D Supplements No Longer Recommended to Prevent Falls in Seniors

  • “The group again recommends against postmenopausal women taking 400 IU or less of vitamin D and 1000 mg or less of calcium daily because there's no effect on fracture prevention (grade D). There was less certainty about higher doses (grade I).”

The USPSTF has finally noticed that quarterly and annual dosing of Vitamin D increases falls.

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