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40 percent less likely to gain weight if live at high altitude (no mention of UVB nor vitamin D) – April 2014

High Altitudes May Aid Weight Control NYT article

  • Previous studies of the general population have shown that the rates of obesity are four times higher in low-altitude counties than high-altitude ones
  • overweight military serving at high altitudes (> 1.2 mile) had a 41 % lower risk of progressing to obesity than those serving at low altitudes.

Military study is attached at the bottom of this page

VitaminDWiki tried, without success, to leave the following comment at NYT

Colorado has the best ultraviolet radiation in the US, and thus has the lowest rate of many health problems - because UVB creates more vitamin D. Florida has more UV, but higher temperatures, so people in Florida stay indoors more. Details, along with many maps are at https://vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=4652.

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