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15 Barriers to getting individuals to try vitamin D

Potential barriers:

1) Cost (can be as low as 2 cents/day) *
2) Hassle of having to go out to a special store to buy it (can buy on the Internet, grocery store)
3) Think that a doctor's approval is needed
     4,000 IU of Vitamin D is OK - 19 organizations agree - 2018
4) Need a vitamin D test? (fear of needles, hassle, and cost)
     Notes: Test is rarely needed, At-home test is about $50
5) Toxicity fear - vitamin D is less toxic than water, ZERO vitamin D supplementation deaths in 10+ years
6) Fear long-term consequences - to self, fetus, child
   The only long-term consequence of children in Finland of taking lots of vitamin D was a huge reduction in Diabetes
7) Difficulty in swallowing pills    (Can break open a capsule and add the powder to drink/food) *
8) Worry about forgetting to take a pill *
   can just take a larger amount several times a month
   add Vitamin D to food/beverage to be consumed over 2-4 weeks
9) Worry that the pill casing may be made from pigs (Vegans, Muslims) *
10) Might have to modify current drugs/supplements (none: possible exception: reduce Calcium, on chemotherapy )
11) Have to know enough to be able to justify the trial to family/friends
   - taking a single capsule (50,000 IU) once every 2 weeks can be hidden from family *
12) Concerned that others are not also taking vitamin D
   - lots of evidence of many others taking vitamin D, for example, Australia
13) Might forget to take the capsule at a particular time of day
   (can take Vitamin D any time of the day: before, during, or after meals - but not after supper is over)
   however, better response if take with the largest meal of the day
14) Unsure of how much to take
    4,000 IU or 5,000 IU capsules is a great place to start.
15) Have an adverse reaction to Vitamin D
    adverse reaction to lots of Vitamin D is often due to lack of Magnesium
    see also Getting Vitamin D into your body for other forms, types of vitamin D - including SUN and UV lamps
16) Unsure if Vitamin D will help, and not want to wait for months to find out
    Take a loading dose and see results in as little as a week.
17) Believes that food (still) has the right nutrients needed for health
   However, food today vs 100 years ago has:
      2X less Magnesium, 10X more Omega-6 (which blocks Omega-3), 5X less Vitamin K2, 3X less vitamin D in food
   And people spend at least 5X less time in the noon-day sun (most vitamin D now comes from the sun)
18) Your country does not allow sales ofcapsules containing >1,000 IU of Vitamin D
    Germany, Canada, New Zealand, etc.
       Many people in Germany, etc. buy it over the internet from other countries
       Hint - Buy only a few bottles at a time - so as to not alert the customs agents
Note: No one person will have all of these barriers
* Bio-Tech eliminates 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 11

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