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0 of 22 asymptomatic COVID-19 positives were vitamin D deficient – June 2021

Comparison between Vitamn D Level of Asymptomatic Confirmed Covid-19 Patients with Symptomatic Confirmed Covid-19 Patients in Makassar (Indonesia)

Annals of R.S.C.B., ISSN:1583-6258, Vol. 25, Issue 6, 2021, Pages. 17680 - 17688
Eka Savitri1, Indra Irawan2, Nova A.L. Pieter3, Abdul Qadar Punagi4, Nani Djufri5

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Vitamin D shows an important role in immune function. However, there is still little analysis regarding the role of vitamin D in preventing infection and death from COVID-19. This research aimed to determine vitamin D levels inpatients with confirmed COVID-19. A crosssectional study was conducted. Researcher collected blood from the median cubital vein of COVID-19 patients and examined the vitamin D levels in patients using the ELISA method. This research showed a comparison of serum vitamin D based on clinical manifestations of COVID-19 patients in all subjects.
In 20 patients with symptomatic COVID-19 clinical manifestations there were 17 patients (85 %) with vitamin D deficiency, 3 patients (15 %) with vitamin D insufficiency;
To the contrary, there were no asymptomatic COVID-19 patients with vitamin D deficiency, 18 patients with vitamin D insufficiency, and 4 patients with normal vitamin D levels. There was a significant relationship between the clinical manifestations of patients with COVID-19 and the patient's serum vitamin D levels where asymptomatic patients had higher levels than that of symptomatic patients (p-value with the Chi-square test was 0.000 with p <0.001). In addition, there was a significant difference between vitamin D levels in asymptomatic and symptomatic patients where serum vitamin D levels were obtained to be higher in the asymptomatic patient group than in the symptomatic group.

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