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Image    Update: VitaminDWiki interview and transcript - Jan 2022

As of Fall 2022 I have invested >20,000 hours on VitaminDWiki
Wearing my "Vitamin D shirt" (~50% reduction in Vitamin D made from UVB )

VitaminDWiki is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit : EIN = 46-3376691

Henry Lahore, founder of VitaminDWiki, is a retired electronics engineer. hlahore at gmail.com

Vitamin D and Cofactors which I take

Update: VitaminDWiki: the first 10 years, the next 10 years – Jan 2020
Update 2018 - taking many supplements in bulk form - far less costly and easier as well

Personal note by Henry Lahore, founder of VitaminDWiki - Aug 2018

I have always lived in Western Washington, which has the most clouds in the US and had previously suffered from

all of which are associated with low vitamin D,
   some of which are also associated with low Magnesium, Boron, Silica, Exercise
They have all gone away after my getting a good level of vitamin D
Also, I now have more muscle (age 72) than anytime previously in my life

Many areas where Vitamin D looks promising (but little proof so far) - May 2018, updated Aug 2018

  1. Promote Vitamin D by focusing on groups which economically benefit from Vitamin D
    Employers - large employers are typically self-insured: healthier employees
    ==> reduced medical costs
    ==> reduce sick leave, more productive
    Individuals/employees - reduced out-of-pocket medical expenses
  2. Weekly vitamin D supplementation may actually provide more benefits than daily
  3. Nano-emulsion form of vitamin D may be better than standard oral
  4. Vitamin D Receptor gene limits the amount of vitamin D actually getting to cells
    VDR gene test might be more important than a Vitamin D blood test
    ? Why does the VDR impact vary so much between tissues?
  5. Vitamin D may reduce the need for opiates (reduce pain)
  6. Vitamin D may reduce the health problems resulting from smoking
    • Perhaps Vitamin D might reduce the need to smoke
  7. It may be possible to restore vitamin D level in just hours instead of days, week, or months
  8. People with poor guts need a gut-friendly form, an alternate form, or much larger doses
  9. A small dose of Vitamin D will prevent a disease.
    Wonder why treatment generally needs a 3X larger dose
       damage to repair?, poor gut reduces absorption?
  10. The lungs can activate vitamin D locally – a Vitamin D inhaler may help lungs – Aug 2016

My initial (Dec 2009) concerns about vitamin D were all satisfied by 2012

  1. Which health problem are helped for sure
  2. Possible long-term problems - none seen even for whole countries taking 4,000 IU for more than 10 years
  3. Not overdose if more than 2,000 IU - however, probably need cofactors if more than 4,000 IU daily
  4. Half-life of Vitamin D in body - 2 months at low levels, 2 weeks at high levels
  5. Cheese reduces, rather than increases Calcium in the body
  6. Get no Vitamin D in the winter - wrong, just very little in the winter
  7. Vitamin D2 is not as good as D3 - before I was unsure if D2 was just not not quite as good as D3
  8. D3 can prevent heart disease - most likely
  9. D3 can reduce high blood pressure - yes
  10. Blood test is recommended - yes, but probably best to start with Vitamin D and just use the test to confirm you are getting enough
  11. Calcium is needed in addition to Vit D - yes, but if > about 4,000 IU of vitamin D take less than 750 mg of Calcium
  12. D3 reduces Psoriasis (topical/oral) - yes, had been known for a long time, along with UVB

Categories of studies on this website

Number of studies
Pregnancy, intervention
500 ea
Infant-Child, Osteoarthritis, Dark Skin
390 ea
Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Meta-analysis
360 ea
Ultraviolet, Noontime sun
270 ea
Genetics, Trauma & Surgery, Breast Cancer, Magnesium, Omega-3
190 ea
Vitamin D - other

As of March 2018

How I get some of my vitamin D and exercise in the winter near Seattle - Nov 2016

UVB lamp on for 10 minutes then turn it off and turn on fan
Amazon Spin cycle, Aero bars IPad/book holder,
sometimes use laptop after removing iPad holder
$451 = $134 UVB lamp, $30 fan, $28 iPad/book holder, $27 aero bars, $232 spin cycle
    Previous uses of the UVB lamp


In Nov 2009 a friend got me interested in Vitamin D. (Vitamin D had eliminated his back pain)
I was astounded as by how much information there was. Really, there was far too much information to make sense of.
It took months for me to sort out the good solid proofs from the associations, much less the possibilities.
It took me another month to understand that 2000 IU was not the upper limit. (10,000 IU a day is great if you take cofactors)
I started taking 2000 IU, increased to 5000 IU daily in December 2009, and 10,000 IU daily in 2011 and 2012, and 12,000 during the winter
My blood test in Feb 2010 = 44 ng/ml, and 129 ng/ml in 2012 (I take all of the vitamin D cofactors, and have done most of the things to increase vitamin D response by at least 2X)
I occasionally take 40,000 IU on days when I am extremely tired. I no longer have any colds
By the way - I live in the part of the US which has the 15 top most cloudy cities - Western Washington.

Have been feeling great. I used to think that I was healthy, but have gotten many great improvements by taking vitamin D.
Have even eliminated winter blues.
Designed this site so that the information is available to everyone around the world via Google translations.

Update July 2013

Bio-Tech Pharmacal is helping with the on-going expenses of this website and the creation of a short vitamin D video
I have been using their 50,000 IU vitamin D capsule for several years now.
It appears to be the best as well as the lowest-cost form of vitamin D.

Update April 2013

For most of my life I have been very interested in health, and have taken many supplements daily.

For decades I have enjoyed helping people by providing them with access to information.
Now I can combine those two portions of my life and can say that
   if you take only a single supplement it should be vitamin D
  Vitamin D will improve your health immediately.
Vitamin D helps health in both the near-term (treatment) and the long-term (prevention).
With the vitamin D my previous medical problems of growing pains, sore tibia, sunburning, etc have gone away

HenryLahore.com - I lived full time in an RV 2001-2015   My supplements circa 2009   My interests up to 2008   My life on 1 page Image   My first vitamin D page - Dec 2009

I emailed the following to a friend on our shared 66th birthday, March 2012

Ah, I am 66 years old now but feel like I am in my early 50's (taking 12,000 IU vitamin D daily in the winter)
Lots of vitamin D in the past 2 years
All aches and pains are gone.
   My psoriasis on my knee is treated with topical vitamin D (several times a month)
   My feet no longer develop cracked skin
   Essential tremor in my hands is totally gone
   My neck is no longer sore (a stiff pillow helped)
   My back is no longer sore (Magnesium also helped)
   My brain is back (able to think and remember much better - Posit Science helped)
It is a great decade
   As I said to the person who got me interested in vitamin D: You have really made my decade (not just my day)
   My wife feels 10 years younger too (she is taking 10,000 IU Vitamin D daily)
Full disclosure:
Not everything has reset back to my 50's
   Less hair ( but have had great success by vibrating my scalp daily),
   white hair,
   using glasses,
   no longer jogging in my 70's (but still bicycling)
Some of the reason for the better brain may be due to my use of Brain Plasticity Software (Posit Science)

Update March 2014 (My 68th birthday)

Other than vitamin D. I bike about 3 times per week (often on a tandem with my wife Judy)
I try to never post information based on a single study, and try to integrate the information
   I treat something as a Fact: if there are 3 studies agree and none disagree
      I treat something as a Hint if there are 3 studies which agree and 1 disagrees
   I treat something as Controversial if 3 studies agree and 2 disagree
My long-term goal: get the world to benefit from Vitamin D

There are so many vitamin D studies now – I just capture the ones with nice abstracts/PDF files

I currently read the titles of about 100 studies daily, read the abstracts of 20,
I make new pages with the abstracts/PDF of about 3
I add the information of another 3 to existing pages
While an additional 3 items end up in my backlog - which I rarely have time to get back to.

I have tended to ignore rare/orphan disease - due to time constraints

I am able to see behind the publishers pay-walls (purchased life-long library privileges from my University) but am not allowed to post the information on the web.

Good Health is more than Vitamin D and cofactors – my view Started Jan 2015

Used Magnesium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D to quickly stop my back pain Dec 2014

Trees found to increase healthy (get outdoors more)

Neighborhoods with more trees are healthier (vitamin D not mentioned) – July 2015
Includes pictures from my house to the West and to the North (LOTS of trees)

Feel free to copy almost any information on this website

Creative commons disclosure for VitaminDWiki

Update April 2018 10 ways I find medical studies on the web

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