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Vitamin D test costs reimbursed in Japan – Aug 2016

Update Japanese need at least 30 ng of Vitamin D, test costs are now reimbursed – Nov 2016

[Vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency:its clinical significance and treatment].

Clin Calcium. 2016 Feb;26(2):251-8. doi: CliCa1602251258.
[Article in Japanese]
Okazaki R, Third Department of Medicine, Teikyo University Chiba Medical Center, Japan.

Vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency, a medical condition in which vitamin D store is decreased, is the most frequent cause of decreased action of vitamin D. Severer form vitamin D deficiency can cause hypocalcemia and rickets/osteomalacia. Milder form vitamin D insufficiency also harms bone health via secondary hyperparathyroidism, the increase in fracture risk, and poor responses to anti-osteoporotic medications. Diagnosis can only be made by measuring serum 25(OH)D, which is not currently covered by the Japanese health insurance policy. In Japan, the guideline for the diagnosis vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency is in the process of drafting. According to the current provisional guideline draft that was made in public, vitamin D deficiency would be defined by serum 25(OH)D level less than 20 ng/mL whereas vitamin D insufficiency would refer to the state in which serum 25(OH)D level is between 20 and 30 ng/mL.

PMID: 26813505

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