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Vitamin D intervention – 1204 clinical trials – May 2014

Data is US Clinical Trials

There have been more US intervention trials for vitamin D than for vitamins A, C, E, and K combined
D = 1204, vs 1023 = Total A+C+E+K (A =225 + C =340 + E =328 + K =130)

Other statistics for US Vitamin D Intervention trials

  • 802 trials for those 65+
  • 252 trials for children (age 0-17)
  • 1071 trials updated information since Jan 2010
  • 744 trials registered since Jan 2010
  • 135 health problems had 10+ trials
  • 33 health problems had 40+ trials

Note: It typically takes 5-15 years to see the results of Vitamin D Clinical Intervention Trials

  1. Typically the intervention trials are for chronic diseases - which require a trial lasting 5-20 years
  2. The publishing of results, including peer review, often takes an additional 3-5 years, as there is no funding by Big Pharma to publish quickly

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Clinical trials sorted by # of number of trials for each health problem

#'s are the TOTAL number of trials = ongoing + completed
Note: Minium cost of a trial is about $10 thousand (and some vitamin D trials cost over $30 million)
   Thus we see that many many people are investing a lot of money on the idea that vitamin D can prevent/treat a particular disease
You can also get clinical trials information from many other locations, such as World Health Organization
    WHO had 1864 vitamin D intervention trials as of May 2014