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Vitamin D Receptor deactivated by some health problems - many studies

Some diseases may have "learned' to protect themselves by deactivating the Vitamin D Receptor
Unfortunately, when the disease leaves the body, it fails to re-activate the Vitamin D Receptor
   In which case the cells may continue to have low vitamin D levels for months/years
     Suspect that is the case for Long-COVID

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Obesity decreases BOTH Vitamin D levels and Vitamin D Receptor activation – Oct 2023
Herpes (Cytomegalovirus) downregulates the vitamin D receptor by 8X – Jan 2017
Breast Cancer reduces receptor and thus blocks Vitamin D to the cells – several studies
Controversial Effects of Vitamin D and Related Genes on Viral Infections, Pathogenesis, and Treatment Outcomes - 2020
Colon Cancer protects itself by changing the VDR and CYP3A4 genes – Dec 2022

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