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Vitamin D Receptor Overview

507 studies in Vitamin D Receptor category

Vitamin D tests cannot detect Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) problems
A poor VDR restricts Vitamin D from getting in the cells

See also: 47 studies in the Resveratrol category

It appears that 30% of the population have a poor VDR (40% of the Obese )
Several diseases protect themselves by deactivating the Vitamin D receptor. Example: Breast Cancer
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The Vitamin D Receptor is associated with many health problems

Health problems include: Autoimmune (19 studies), Breast Cancer (22 studies), Colon Cancer (13 studies), Cardiovascular (23 studies), Cognition (16 studies), Diabetes (24 studies), Hypertension (9 studies), Infant (21 studies), Lupus (6 studies), Metabolic Syndrome (4 studies), Mortality (4 studies), Multiple Sclerosis (12 studies), Obesity (16 studies), Pregnancy (24 studies), Rheumatoid Arthritis (10 studies), TB (8 studies), VIRUS (35 studies),   Click here for details
Some health problems, such as Breast Cancer, Diabetes, and COVID protect themselves by reducing VDR activation

55 health problems associated with poor VDR

A poor VDR is associated with the risk of 55 health problems  click here for details
The risk of 48 diseases at least double with poor VDR as of Jan 2023  click here for details
Some health problem, such as Breast Cancer reduce the VDR

VDR at-home test $29 - results not easily understood in 2016
There are hints that you may have inherited a poor VDR

How to increase VDR activation

Compensate for poor VDR by increasing one or more:

1) Vitamin D supplement  Sun
Ultraviolet -B
Vitamin D in the blood
and thus in the cells
2) MagnesiumVitamin D in the blood
 AND in the cells
3) Omega-3 Vitamin D in the cells
4) Resveratrol Vitamin D Receptor
5) Intense exercise Vitamin D Receptor
6) Get prescription for VDR activator
   paricalcitol, maxacalcitol?
Vitamin D Receptor
7) Quercetin (flavonoid) Vitamin D Receptor
8) Zinc is in the VDRVitamin D Receptor
9) BoronVitamin D Receptor ?,
10) Essential oils e.g. ginger, curcuminVitamin D Receptor
11) ProgesteroneVitamin D Receptor
12) Infrequent high concentration Vitamin D
Increases the concentration gradient
Vitamin D Receptor
13) Sulfroaphane and perhaps sulfurVitamin D Receptor
14)Butyrate especially gutVitamin D Receptor

Note: If you are not feeling enough benefit from Vitamin D, you might try increasing VDR activation. You might feel the benefit within days of adding one or more of the above

Far healthier and stronger at age 72 due to supplements Includes 6 supplements that help the VDR

Increased risk associated with a poor Vitamin D Receptor
   Note: Some diseases reduce VDR activation
those with a * are known to decrease activation

Health Problem
50Lyme Disease *
28Leprosy - another says 3X
15Chronic Heart Failure
15Temporary hair loss
14,7Childhood solid cancers
14Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease
12COVID Death
11Metabolic Syndrome
9.6Chronic Periodontitis
   and smoke
8Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
7.6Crohn's disease
7.5Respiratory Tract Infections
5.8Low back pain in athletes
5 Respiratory Distress in preemies
5Ulcerative Colitis
5Coronary Artery Disease
5Asthma Child see also 1.3, 2.0 and 3.6
4.6Breast Cancer * 16.9 X another study
4.3Severe COVID in kids
4Polycystic ovary syndrome
3.6 Pneumonia - children
3.3 Pre-term birth
3.1 Colon Cancer survival
3 Multiple Sclerosis
3 Waist size
3 Ischemic Stroke
9X in women
3Gestational Diabetes
2.9Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease
2.8Osteoporosis & COPD
2.7Gastric Cancer
2.6Lupus in children
2.5 Lumbar Disc Degeneration
2.4Lung Cancer
2.2Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
2.1Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in Asians
2Diabetic Retinopathy
2 Wheezing/Asthma see also 5X
2 Melanoma   Non-melanoma Skin Cancers
1.9Uterine Fibroids
1.9Early tooth decay
1.8Diabetic nephropathy
1.8Sleep Apnea
1.6Diabetes - Type I
1.6Prostate Cancer while black
1.5 Diabetes -Type II
1.4Graves Disease
1.4 Rheumatoid arthritis
1.3Childhood asthma see also 5X
1.3Psoriasis in Caucasians
?? Rickets - Vitamin D resistant

VitaminDWiki - Vitamin D Receptor activation can be increased in 16 ways

Resveratrol,  Omega-3,  MagnesiumZinc,   Quercetin,   non-daily Vit D,  Curcumin,   Berberine,  intense exercise, Butyrate   Sulforaphane   Ginger,   Essential oils, etc  Note: The founder of VitaminDWiki uses 10 of the 16 known VDR activators

Google Scholar has 30,900+ results for many the above VDR activators

  • Quercetin Directly Interacts with Vitamin D Receptor (VDR): Structural Implication of VDR Activation by Quercetin - 2016 Mar FREE PDF
  • Exercise acutely increases vitamin D receptor expression in T lymphocytes in vitamin D-deficient men, independent of age- April 2021 FREE PDF
  • Quercetin activates vitamin D receptor and ameliorates breast cancer-induced hepatic inflammation and fibrosis - April 2023 FREE PDF
  • Natural Epigenetic Modulators of Vitamin D Receptor -June 2020 FREE PDF

Did not notice any studies that indicated how much of the activator is needed

VitaminDWiki - 39 Meta-analyses of the Vitamin D Receptor

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Explosive increase in Quercetin medical publications as of 2022

Quercetin in PubMed

  • Epigenetic regulation by quercetin: a comprehensive review focused on its biological mechanisms 2023 Dec doi: 10.1080/10408398.2023.2278760. PDF behind paywall
  • Research progress of quercetin in cardiovascular disease Nov 2023 10.3389/fcvm.2023.1203713 FREE PDF
  • Quercetin and metabolic syndrome: A review - Oct 2021 doi: 10.1002/ptr.7144 $15 paywall
  • Potential Implications of Quercetin in Autoimmune Diseases 2021 Jun doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2021.689044 FREE PDF
  • Quercetin activates vitamin D receptor and ameliorates breast cancer induced hepatic inflammation and fibrosis 2023 April 10.3389/fnut.2023.1158633  PDF

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Title Modified
Activators of the Vitamin D Receptor include sulforaphane and curcumin – June 2020 19 Sep, 2023
Phytochemicals (Quercetin, Resveratrol, Tumeric, etc.) plus Vitamin D – July 2023 05 Sep, 2023
COVID in hospital stopped by Vitamin D Receptor activators (curcumin, quercetin) – RCT June 2023 25 Jun, 2023
COVID appears to be treated by many antioxidants (Vitamins D, C, E, K, and Quercetin, Curcumin, etc) – Jan 2023 01 Feb, 2023
Vitamin D Receptor activators (Resveratrol, Curcumin ,Quercetin) all improve bone – Review Aug 2022 03 Oct, 2022
COVID-19 risk reduced 4X by each of: Vitamin D, Omega-3, Curcumin, Zinc (each increases D in cells) 13 Apr, 2022
Curcumin 13 Apr, 2022
Prostate Cancer PSA reduced by 60 ng of Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, Omega-3, Curcumin and diet – June 2021 20 Jun, 2021
Curcumin helps many health problems 16 Feb, 2020
Pancreatic cancer prevention and treatment by alternates – Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Curcumin, etc – July 2018 14 Dec, 2019
Some curcumin supplements are 100 X more bioavailable – Nov 2018 14 Dec, 2019
Curcumin may increase Vitamin D in tissues (activates Vitamin D Receptor) – Dec 2010 04 May, 2019
ALS reduction far more likely if take Curcumin, Luteolin, CBD, Omega-3, or Vitamin D etc – April 2018 20 Apr, 2019
Insulin problems reduced by Curcumin if not also take Omega-3 – RCT Jan 2019 01 Feb, 2019
NAFLD is treated by Vitamin D, Omega-3, Curcumin, Silymarinm, etc. Aug 2018 26 Aug, 2018
Large amounts of curcumin might activate the Vitamin D receptor – Dec 2010 14 Nov, 2017
Prostate Cancer treatment (Vitamin D, Omega-3, Tumeric) RCT ending Dec 2018 26 Sep, 2017
Alzheimer’s may be treated by vitamin D3 and curcumin – March 2012 01 Sep, 2015
Curcumin helps many health problems No value for 'modification_date_major'

VitaminDWiki has 87+ VDR pages with Cancer in the title - as of Jan 2023

Book: Sunlight, UV, Vitamin D and Receptor, Skin and Other Cancers - Dec 2020

Book: Sunlight, UV, Vitamin D and Receptor, Skin and other Cancers - Dec 2020
 Download the VDR chapter from sci-hub via VitaminDWiki
Has the risk of Breast Cancer due to poor Vitamin D Receptors increased in past decades?

Genetics category listing contains the following

328 articles in the Genetics category

see also

Vitamin D blood test misses a lot
in Visio for 2023

  • Vitamin D from coming from tissues (vs blood) was speculated to be 50% in 2014, and by 2017 was speculated to be 90%
  • Note: Good blood test results (> 40 ng) does not mean that a good amount of Vitamin D actually gets to cells
  • A Vitamin D test in cells rather than blood was feasible (2017 personal communication)
  •    Commercially available 2019
    • However, test results would vary in each tissue due to multiple genes
  • Good clues that Vitamin D is being restricted from getting to the cells
    1) A vitamin D-related health problem runs in the family
    2) Slightly increasing Vitamin D shows benefits (even if conventional Vitamin D test shows an increase)
    3) Vitamin D Receptor test (<$30) scores are difficult to understand in 2016
    • easier to understand the VDR 23andMe test results analyzed by FoundMyFitness in 2018

    4) Back Pain

507 VDR items

See also Vitamin D Binding Protein category listing has 176 items

In addition to inherited poor VDR genes, Herpes downregulates VDR by 8X for a short time

Note: Many people have Herpes but are not aware of it. (example: 48% of black women)

See also web

  • Natural Ways to Increase Calcitriol and Activate The Vitamin D Receptor Gene Selfhacked Jan 2016 - has lots of linked references
    Includes Exercise, RXR ( and retinol) is needed to produce proteins with the VDR, SIRT1 -potentiates VDR, PGC-1a, Dopamine
    Bile, Omega-3: Omega-6:Curcumin, Resveratrol, Forskolin , Gamma Tocotrienol, Estradiol,
    What Inhibits The Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) or Calcitriol
    Caffeine, Cortisol/Glucocorticoids, Prolactin, Thyroid hormones, Corticosteroids decrease calcitriol, Phosphatonin, Ketoconazole, Heparin and Thiazides decrease
    Pathogens That Inhibit The Vitamin D Receptor include
    P. aeruginosa, H. pylori, Lyme/Borrelia – Live Borrelia reduces VDR by 50 times (in monocytes).
    Tuberculosis – Reduces VDR 3.3-fold.“Gliding” biofilm bacteria, Shigella, Mycobacterium leprase
    Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) – Decreases VDR by a factor of about five, HIV – binds to the VDR (R) and inhibits conversion to active D
    Aspergillus fumigatus – In cystic fibrosis patients,
    Cytomegalovirus – CMV decreases VDR 2.2 fold, Hepatitis C virus – Inhibits CYP24A1|Changes in vitamin D endocrinology during aging in adults] June 2017
  • Changes in vitamin D endocrinology during aging in adults June 2017
  • "Aging leads to a decrease in vitamin D receptor number in several organs."
    Interesting, details are behind a paywall
  • Bioinformatic approaches to interrogating vitamin D receptor signaling - Sept 2017
     Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki
  • Calcitriol receptor = VDR Wikipedia
    "Glucocorticoids are known to decrease expression of VDR,"
    "Mutations in this gene are associated with type II vitamin D-resistant rickets"
    "The vitamin D receptor plays an important role in regulating the hair cycle."
  • Learn more about Calcitriol Receptor Science Direct.COM
    10 abstracts of book chapters and studies
  • Calcitriol ReceptorWikipedia
    "Mutations in this gene are associated with type II vitamin D-resistant rickets"
    "Calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D, binds to the VDR, which then forms a heterodimer with the retinoid-X receptor"
        perhaps this is where Vitamin A is important with Vitamin D
    "Glucocorticoids are known to decrease expression of VDR"

Chart: Need more D if poor VDR (ignores VDR activation and loading dose) - Sept 2021

1 minute video description of the chart


Light activates VDR at conception,etc. - April 2017
VDR gene methylation as a molecular adaption to light exposure: Historic, recent and genetic influences.
Am J Hum Biol. 2017 Apr 22. doi: 10.1002/ajhb.23010
Beckett EL1,2,3, Jones P1, Veysey M2,4, Duesing K3, Martin C1, Furst J5, Yates Z6, Jablonski NG7, Chaplin G7, Lucock M1.

The vitamin D receptor (VDR) is a member of the nuclear receptor family of transcription factors. We examined whether degree of VDR gene methylation acts as a molecular adaptation to light exposure. We explored this in the context of photoperiod at conception, recent UV irradiance at 305 nm, and gene-latitude effects.

Eighty subjects were examined for VDR gene-CpG island methylation density. VDR gene variants were also examined by PCR-RFLP.

Photoperiod at conception was significantly positively related to VDR methylation density, explaining 17% of the variance in methylation (r2  = 0.17; P = .001). Within this model, photoperiod at conception and plasma 25(OH)D independently predicted methylation density at the VDR-CpG island. Recent UV exposure at 305 nm led to a fivefold increase in mean methylation density (P = .02). Again, UV exposure and plasma 25(OH)D independently predicted methylation density at the VDR-CpG island. In the presence of the BsmI mutant allele, methylation density was increased (P = .01), and in the presence of the TaqI or FokI mutant allele, methylation density was decreased (P = .007 and .04 respectively). Multivariate modeling suggests plasma 25(OH)D, photoperiod at conception, recent solar irradiance, and VDR genotype combine as independent predictors of methylation at the VDR-CpG island, explaining 34% of the variance in methylation (R2  = 0.34, P < .0001).

Duration of early-life light exposure and strength of recent irradiance, along with latitudinal genetic factors, influence degree of VDR gene methylation consistent with this epigenetic phenomenon being a molecular adaptation to variation in ambient light exposure. Findings contribute to our understanding of human biology.
Publisher rents PDF for $6

More and more PubMed papers on Vitamin D Receptor

Ways to increase the VDR - Selfhacked

Vitamin D Receptor Gene: Ways to Activate it, Calcitriol, Benefits Self-hacked.com Aug 2018
A list of ways to Increase EITHER active Vitamin D or Vitamin D Receptor
Following subset list May include some non-VDR items by mistake
See self-hacked article for hyperlinks and details

  • RXR (and retinol) is needed to produce proteins with the VDR. 1,25D3 binds to the VDR, which then combines with RXR to activate gene expression. (Not all VDR-dependent genes need RXR.)
  • SIRT1 -potentiates VDR [R, R] – acetylation of VDR lessens 1,25D/VDR signaling. SIRT1 increased the ability of VDR to associate with RXR.
  • PGC-1a [R]– potentiates VDR. It is a coactivator of the VDR, but it still needs 1,25D3.
  • Dopamine [R]
  • The VDR evolved from its ancient role as a detoxification nuclear receptor. LCA is produced from the gut bacteria (metabolizing liver-derived chenodeoxycholic acid). LCA travels to the colon, where the VDR binds to LCA or 1,25 D and activates the CYP3A4 and SULT2A genes facilitate disposal from the cell via the ABC efflux transporter [R].
  • Omega-3: DHA, EPA [R], – Fish oil/DHA
  • Omega-6: γ-Linolenic acid, Arachidonic acid [R],
  • Curcumin [R]– Curcumin is more active than LCA/Bile in driving VDR-mediated transcription and that it binds to VDR with approximately the same affinity as LCA.
  • Resveratrol [R] – Potentiates VDR by: (1) potentiating 1,25D binding to VDR; (2) activating RXR; (3) stimulating SIRT1.
  • Gamma Tocotrienol [R]- Tocotrienols or Tocopherols (IHERB)
  • Estradiol increases VDR expression [R, R] and calcitriol levels [R].

Many VDR test kits can be used ELISA and other testers


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