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Vitamin D, now conclusive (for COVID) - Dr. Campbell Video and transcript - Feb 1, 2023

"Vitamin D, now conclusive"

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Vitamin D cut death in half,
Unethical to not suggest take Vitamin D

0:00:01.4 A warm welcome to today's talk. It's Wednesday the 1st of February. Now, we now know that vitamin D supplementation provides substantial benefit in terms of reducing the risk of admission to intensive care during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • 72% is the probable figure, certainly substantial, and it probably also gives us a
  • 51% protection against death, Vitamin D supplementation.

Now on this channel, we've been talking about Vitamin D since we started the channel in 2007, a long time ago now, and we've been talking about it throughout the COVID pandemic period of time. Now, we have this new meta-analysis from Italy, definite protection against admission to intensive care for patients that are ill or hospitalized. I now believe it's unethical for authorizing bodies, Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority and FDA and people like this around the world, not to advise vitamin D supplementation for poorly people and arguably for the whole population.

"Vitamin D is about as safe as cabbage"

0:01:08.5 I believe it's now unethical that they don't do that, but they're not doing that. They are recommending treatments that are less efficacious, but they're not recommending vitamin D. And vitamin D is safe and effective. We've gotta be careful how we use the term "safe," but vitamin D is about as safe as cabbage or eating anything else. It's just a nutrient, but we get it from the sunshine. And that's why we're short of it. We're short of it in the northern hemisphere over winter because we don't get it from the sun. That's why we need to supplement it. Personally, at the moment, I'm taking 4000 units of vitamin D a day. That's 100 micrograms, and I take that in combination with 100 micrograms of vitamin K2 as well.

Meta-analyses on Vitamin D and COVID - but not the US, UK, etc. - Why?

0:01:50.7 So let's look at the evidence here because it is now definitive. It's from this paper here, and it's an Italian paper, leading Italian doctors and scientists. Why is it that all this work comes from places... We're gonna be looking at work today from Spain, Saudi Arabia, Italy, nothing from the United States, nothing from the United Kingdom. Why not? It really begs that question, "Why not?" Anyway, this is the paper here, all available, download it for yourself, PDFs available. VitaminDWiki - COVID ICU 3X less-likely if take any amount and type of Vitamin D – meta-analysis Jan 2023. Now this trial sequential analysis is sort of an add-on to meta-analysis, and it allows us to account for the degrees of uncertainty in the data and to make predictions based on that. So it's really quite clever. Thankfully, it's all done by computer. There's programs to do it.

0:02:45.5 Anyway, this is in Italy. So various studies have shown this association between vitamin D deficiency and bad outcomes. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in immune function and inflammation. Simple statement of fact. Recent data suggests the protective role of vitamin D against bad outcomes. That's what this study is about, and it found out, yes, it does protect. This is what we call a nutraceutical approach. So nutrients, using nutrients as pharmaceuticals. It's a term I like. Now, of course, a lot of nutrients are necessary because if we're short of nutrients, then the immune system's not going to be optimized and not work in a proper way, but vitamin D as well as optimizing the immune system actually has additional benefits in protecting against infection and also protecting against excessive inflammation of cytokine storms.

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, modulates immune system, pulmonary barrier

0:03:37.0 So, production promote the immune response and reduce the inflammatory response. We know it does that, anti-inflammatory. It's also antioxidant. When you really produce a lot of waste free radicals, and so to mop those up with antioxidants is a really good idea. And it also has immunomodulatory properties. This is now beyond speculation. We are now in the realms of definitive science in terms of these activities of vitamin D. Now, immune boosting and optimizing immune function. Vitamin D maintains pulmonary barriers, so the organism's less likely to get in the first place, in this case, SARS-CoV-2, but we now know that this works against a whole range of viruses and probably bacteria as well.

0:04:21.4 This is for everything. COVID, yes. This data shows that it provides a 72% protection against admission to intensive care in SARS-CoV-2 infection, but it also works against a wide range of other infections. We have to use this more widely. Determines the production of antimicrobial peptides. Peptides are small proteins. Enhances neutrophil activity, essentially white blood cell, of course, and shifts the adaptive immune response to more T helper cells, T helper 2 cells. T helper cells promote all aspects of immunity. T helper cells are a bit like a conductor. They conduct the immunological orchestra and promote all sorts of immune function.

Cytokines: Reduces pro-inflammatory AND Increases anti-inflammatory

0:05:11.9 Anti-inflammatory effects. Now this is interesting. "Vitamin D, adequate vitamin D reduces the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and increases the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines." So these are interleukins, various interleukins. These ones are pro-inflammatory. They increase inflammation, so vitamin D reduces their production. These ones here are anti-inflammatory cytokines, so the anti-inflammatory cytokines, their production is increased. So it reduces the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and it increases the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines. So we don't get these cytokine storms that have been killing people. The lower the vitamin D at baseline, the more effective it is. Just think of all those poor people that died in nursing homes that had been stuck inside for the last year or two, hadn't been exposed to any sunshine. Their vitamin D levels would be in their boots.

0:06:13.7 And basically there was no substantial supplements given despite what we were calling for very early on in the pandemic. High-risk interventions were carried out, very, very safe interventions like vitamin D, zinc, basically ignored. It really is a scandal. It's a total scandal, absolute disgrace. Reduces asthma exacerbations, prevents acute respiratory infections, we believe of all sorts, certainly influenza as well as COVID and influenza now. So we need to optimize the population's vitamin D levels to reduce influenza. And it reduces the complications of infections.

Other Vitamin D and COVID studies
"Why is this not being shouted from the rooftops by our regulatory authorities"

0:06:53.6 Now, as well as that, this is another study here, a COVID-19 and vitamin D Systematic Review, another systematic review. The rates of positivity in the tests were significantly decreased in the intervention group as opposed to the non-intervention groups. So the PCR tests were less likely to be positive. So vitamin D is actually protecting against infection here, relative risk, 0.46. So that's what? A 54% protection against infection in the first place. "Better than other treatments which are currently being recommended." Why is this not being shouted from the rooftops by our regulatory authorities, who I believe now are acting unethically in not giving this advice.
Conclusively, this paper says "That COVID-19 patients supplemented with vitamin D, fewer rates of ICU admissions, less mortality, and less positivity." Well, beyond the realms of speculation here.

0:08:07.5 Meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis, now this is getting back to the original paper that we're looking at. So they want to better explain the strength of the associations, which they can do of the protective role of vitamin D supplement. And as we've said, they were examining risk of mortality and admissions to intensive care unit. This data was collected as a snapshot on 20th September, 2022. So it was what information was available then. And they did all the risks of assessment. Now, how to adjust thresholds for significance in random clinical trials when the required sample size has not been reached. That's this new trial sequence analysis bit that was added on.

0:08:49.2 So it adjusts the threshold of significance. So it works out how significant the result is, depending on the sample size. And of course being a meta-analysis, it pulled all the samples as well, got to samples that were definitively big enough and they definitively said it protects against intensive care admissions. We basically know this now. Now, they looked at quite a few papers originally, but they settled on five main randomized trials. And here's the results. As we've said, vitamin D administration, reduced risk of death 0.49. That's a 51% protection, isn't it? And, against death and vitamin D administration resorted in a decreased risk of ICU admission 0.28. And as we said, that's a 72% protection.

0:09:39.3 Why is this not being used? Protective role of vitamin D and ICU admission. The trial sequence analysis of the protective role of vitamin D and ICU admission showed that since the pooling of the studies reached the definitive sample size, so as the definitive sample size was reached, the positive association is conclusive. This is conclusive according to this paper carried out in Italy, not carried out in the States, not carried out in Europe. Sorry, not carried out in Canada chuckle or Australia or New Zealand. We're getting left behind folks. We're getting left behind.

0:10:25.6 Now the studies, this was the first study here, interventional study. That one was... And for the links, check on all these. I'm not making this up. Check it out. Conducted in Saudi Arabia. Next study was this one, calcifediol. Now the calcifediol is the already activated form. So as you probably know, when vitamin D is produced in the skin or taken by mouth, it must go to the liver. It's activated into calcifediol. That's the more active form. So if you want it to work more quickly in someone that was already ill, we can give calcifediol instead of the vitamin D. It'll be activated much quicker because sick people can't wait.

0:11:05.3 So again, this could be used much more than it is. Why isn't it being recommended? Anyway, that study was done in Spain, not the English-speaking countries. This next paper was also done in Spain. This next paper was also done in Brazil. And the final study they used was in Spain. Now, why is this not being used despite the definitive evidence conducted from this paper? Why is it not being advised? Why is it not being shouted from the hilltops? I'm gonna show you that in a minute. chuckle

UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority - 86% industry funded

0:11:44.9 Well, on a completely separate topic, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority in the United Kingdom is 80% industry-funded. Of course, they have no vested interest. This is the national body that represents medicine advisors, medicines and healthcare products throughout all of the United Kingdom. And it's 86% industry-funded. Coincidentally, vitamin D, which is basically free, it's dirt cheap and is essentially completely safe is not recommended. Other interventions which are associated with high levels of risk are recommended, 86% industry-funded. When is this going to be addressed? This is outrageous. Now, I didn't mean to flash that before, but this is just a random street scene in Manhattan. So let's look at a random street scene now in Manhattan. Looks like a bit of a van, a few pictures on it. Oh, look, it's outside Pfizer world headquarters. I believe this video has veracity.

0:13:19.7 Strange this is outside Pfizer world headquarters. Anyway, in a completely separate matter, let's hope there's not a scandal of massive consequence and intercontinental implications brewing in Manhattan. More on that tomorrow for now. Sorry, a bit overemotional today. I do try and keep it cognitive, but it just gets to you from time to time. Things that we could, should be doing, we don't bother. Then again, vitamin D is cheap, so why the heck should we? I've said enough. I'm gonna leave it there. Thank you so much for watching.

Notes and references on YouTube

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