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NHS (UK) mistakenly says more than 1000 IU of vitamin D can be harmful – Dec 2013

NHS statement

  • If you take vitamin D supplements, do not take more than 25 micrograms (0.025mg) a day, as it could be harmful.
    However, taking less than this is unlikely to cause any harm.
  • Taking too many vitamin D supplements over a long period of time can cause more calcium to be absorbed than can be excreted.
  • The excess calcium can be deposited in and damage the kidneys.
  • Excessive intake of vitamin D can also encourage calcium to be removed from bones, which can soften and weaken them.

Yes, if you do not balance your cofactors there can be problems.

  • Vitamin D is NOT a monotherapy
  • Must reduce Calcium to 500 mg, Increase Magneium to 500 mg, and add Vitamin K2 to keep any excess Calcium from depositing in the arteries, etc.
  • By the way: 2013 study found that Vitamin D does NOT cause kidney stones.

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Graph of dose vs week

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