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My balance significantly improved at age 73 (perhaps Vitamin D, B12, or Omega-3) – Jan 2020

Wonder why my balance improved

As I have gotten older I needed to sit down when putting on my pants
   My balance was no longer good enough to stand on one foot for ~10 seconds.

Now, I notice that my balance seems to have been restored - I can now stand one leg for >60 seconds
   I recently increased my winter Vitamin D intake to 100,000 IU of vitamin D every 4 days
       My Vitamin D level is now ~190 ng
    for years I had been taking 50,000 IU every 4 days in the winter and had a level of ~100 ng

About a year ago I added supplements to increase the Vitamin D getting to tissues

Studies have found that Vitamin D improves balance by:
1) Vertigo treated by Vitamin D - many studies
2) Muscles responding faster when they have higher levels of Vitamin D

Other Recent Changes
Started plant-based Diet - Dec 2019 - which some people say INCREASES dizziness
Started adding Vitamin B12 - Sept 2019 - which various sources on the web say decreases dizziness
Had changed my Omega-3 supplement to a form which is 3X more bio-available (Coromega) this past summer
      Getting an Omega-3 test today (Mu Omega-3 index was 4.2 a year ago)
No Changes in
Amount nor type of exercise
Hearing (but tinnitus might have decreased)
Drugs (have never taken any for > 2 weeks, and none in the past 2 years)

Please email me   hlahore at gmail.com   if you have any other possibilities

My health improvements - very rough


The relation between vitamin D and postural balance according to clinical tests and tetrax posturography - 2016

Those with <20 ng had much worse postural balance than those with >20 ng
 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

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