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226,787 Overview Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue and vitamin D
190,867 No longer easily bruised: due to vitamins, probably vitamin D
159,303 50,000 IU of Vitamin D every 2 weeks reduced gestational diabetes – RCT Feb 2015
155,713 One pill every two weeks gives you all the vitamin D most adults need
128,682 Overview Magnesium and vitamin D
125,964 Vitamin D bulb for use in the home - or perhaps office
124,546 Does Less Sun mean More Disease
121,585 Vitamin D reduces hair loss
118,297 Hearing Loss appears to be prevented and treated with vitamin D
113,924 Overview Parkinson's and Vitamin D
111,331 Migraine and Vitamin D
104,840 Quick, free, self test of vitamin D deficiency
99,998 Overview Schizophrenia and Vitamin D
98,889 Overview Hyperparathyroidism and vitamin D
97,080 Overview Sports and vitamin D
91,532 Smoking reduces vitamin D
90,766 No – 10 minutes per day of sun-UVB is NOT enough
89,800 Vitamin D content of over 400 types of food
88,612 Concussions (traumatic brain injury) getting big press coverage, vitamin D might be both a cause and a solution
84,777 Overview Influenza and vitamin D
83,859 Gestational Diabetes reduced with 50,000 IU of vitamin D every 3 weeks and daily Calcium – RCT June 2014
82,052 Shingles and vitamin D
81,955 Mental Illness and Vitamin D
81,311 Shin splints decrease with vitamin D
81,048 Vitamin D Cure- book
80,422 ALS treated by vitamin D
77,387 Chronic Hives treated by Vitamin D - many studies
77,097 Some people have problems with vitamin D
75,650 Raynaud's pain decreased with 600,000 IU monthly vitamin D – RCT May 2012
74,882 Respiratory infections reduced by 63 percent with 4000 IU vitamin D daily - RCT Dec 2012
74,526 Restless Legs Syndrome dramatically reduced by vitamin D, etc
74,473 Military and Vitamin D
73,978 Sepsis is both prevented and treated by Vitamin D
68,420 Overview MS and vitamin D
62,469 Overview Rare Allergic reaction to vitamin D
58,853 Low cost vitamin D Blood Tests
57,432 Overview Cancer and vitamin D
55,042 60,000 IU vitamin D weekly with daily Calcium was safe but not enough in the winter – 2012
54,881 How often might 50000 IU vitamin D be taken - results of clinical trials
53,352 Burn patients have little vitamin D and benefit when it is restored
53,006 Hypothesis – Fatigue the day after sex is due to deficiency of Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Zinc
52,504 Overview Cholesterol and vitamin D
51,747 Overview Autism and vitamin D
51,159 Overview Vitamin K and Vitamin D
50,202 Overview Pregnancy and vitamin D
45,761 Cluster headaches substantially reduced by 10,000 IU of Vitamin D in 80 percent of people
43,637 Headache with vitamin D may mean you need Magnesium
43,625 Overview Diabetes and vitamin D
42,258 Mental stress, physical stress associations with low vitamin D
41,705 Many reasons why vitamin D deficiency has become epidemic
40,026 Video by Dr. Coimbra – 95 percent of auto-immune cured with vitamin D in high doses - April 2014
39,915 Calcium bioavailability and how much to take
39,711 Sarcoidosis (rare) problems when taking vitamin D
39,423 Vitamins To Speed Up Metabolism And Aid Weight Loss – May 2011
38,965 Can You Overdose on Vitamin D - It's Harder Than You Think
38,749 Alzheimers-Cognition - Overview
38,361 Food Sources and Vitamin D
36,824 Overview Toxicity of vitamin D
35,754 Gallbladder removal and vitamin D deficiency
34,630 Overview Loading of vitamin D
33,694 Photosensitivity (sun allergy) and vitamin D
33,231 Vitamin D increased absorption of Phosphorus and Calcium in steers – April 2012
32,629 Autoimmune disorder patients in Brazil helped by vitamin D – video and Facebook – Nov 2012
32,527 Overview Seniors and Vitamin D
32,413 Overview Liver and vitamin D
32,208 1500 IU vitamin D minimum - 10,000 IU is safe – review April 2012
31,694 Overview Osteoarthritis and Vitamin D
31,287 Overview Veterinary and vitamin D
30,892 Take vitamin D3 daily, weekly, or bi-weekly
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