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Miscarriage 2.5X more likely if second-hand smoke and low vitamin D – Sept 2022

Maternal Passive Smoking, Vitamin D Deficiency and Risk of Spontaneous Abortion

Nutrients 2022, 14(18), 3674; https://doi.org/10.3390/nu14183674
by Shiqi Lin 1, Jiajia Li 1, Yuan Zhang 2, Xinming Song 1, Gong Chen. 1 and Lijun Pei

  • 1 Institute of Population Research and China Center on Population Health and Development, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China
  • 2 National Research Institute for Health and Family Planning, Beijing 100081, China

Background: Maternal passive smoking and vitamin D deficiency might elevate risk of spontaneous abortion. The study aimed to investigate the association of co-exposure to passive smoking and vitamin D deficiency with the risk of spontaneous abortion.

Methods: A population-based case-control study was performed among non-smoking women in Henan Province, China, with 293 spontaneous abortion cases and 496 liveborn controls with term, normal birthweight.

Results: Compared to women without exposure to passive smoking nor vitamin D deficiency, women with deficient vitamin D alone and women with exposure to passive smoking alone had increased risk of spontaneous abortion (OR = 1.76, 95%CI: 1.08~2.89; OR = 1.73, 95%CI: 1.11~2.69, respectively).
The risk of spontaneous abortion was even higher for those with co-exposure to passive smoking and vitamin D deficiency (OR = 2.50, 95%CI: 1.63~3.84). A dose-response relationship was found of an incremental risk of spontaneous abortion with rising numbers of exposures to passive smoking and vitamin D deficiency (p < 0.001).

Conclusion: Co-exposure to passive smoking and vitamin D deficiency was associated with an elevated risk of spontaneous abortion, and the risk of spontaneous abortion rose with rising numbers of exposures. Intervention programs need to specifically target the vulnerable groups of pregnant women with both malnutrition and unfavorable environmental exposure.
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Two pathways are often proposed for how smoking decreases vitamin D:
   1) Smoking decreases Calcium. and Vitamin D is used up in replacing the Calcium
   2) Smoking injures the body, and vitamin D is used up in repairing the body
It appears that taking Vitamin D while smoking will:
   1) Decrease the incidence of the many health problems associated with smoking - even lung cancer
   2) Decrease the desire to smoke (perhaps take fewer smoking breaks?)
   3) Increase breathing capacity
Opinion: If unable to stop smoking,
  or are a previous smoker,
     or are getting 2nd hand smoke,
         increase Vitamin D and perhaps Omega-3 (which decreases depression, inflammation)

Vitamin D should also help people quit smoking   See bottom of page Smoking reduces vitamin D
   1) Reduces weight gain associated with quitting smoking
   2) Reduces depression associated with quitting smoking

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