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Low Vitamin D is worse for your health than smoking

Vitamin D Deficiency is worse than smoking Vitamin D DeficiencySmoking
Increase in a health problem19 X Dementia
60 X Rickets
55 X Surgery after bone fracture
23 X Vertigo
23 X Lung Cancer
Cause of premature death each year in US400,000
5X more likely to survive
Lung Cancer if high Vit D
480,000 (CDC)
Causes of problem 1) Less Sunlight
2) Less D in Food
3) Less Magnesium
4) Lower Omega-3 index
Associated with top causes of death 10 of the top 11 6 of top 11
Number of PubMed studies before US consensus>29,000 7,000
Number of associated diseases > 300 39
The number of randomized controlled
trials which have confirmed the problem
> 600 0 trials found
Perhaps 30 years from problem indication
until US consensus
1990 - 2020?1934-1964

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>30% of males in Russia, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Boliva ... still smoke

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