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Interactions with Vitamin D

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Various drugs decrease Vitamin D
Drugs that may harm bone (vitamin D needed) -April 2016
Statins and Vitamin D - many studies
Glyphosate decreases Vitamin D getting to cells in many ways
24 drugs that typically reduce Vitamin D levels – Review Aug 2021
Drugs which create a vitamin D deficiency
Antibiotics and Vitamin D are associated with many of the same diseases
A few Drugs increase Vitamin D
Contraceptives,   Probiotics
Vitamin D can decrease/increase impact of drugs
be careful of Chemotheraphy and Vitamin D
Vitamin D generally improves the efficacy of drugs while reducing their adverse effects – Jan 2020
Some Drugs decrease Vitiamin D co-factors or limit vitamin D getting to cells
Drugs which create deficiencies in Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, etc. – Sept 2017
Drugs Deplete Magnesium
Interaction of drugs with Vitamin D cofactors
Non-drugs also decrease vitamin D levels in blood and cells
Air pollution, toxins, heavy metals and smoking each result in lower Vitamin D levels – Nov 2018
Air Pollution reduces Vitamin D
Pesticides increase risk of Cancers, Alz, ALS, Asthma, ADHD, etc. (all related to low vitamin D) – Oct 2016
Plastics, BPA, PCB and Vitamin D deficiency
Smoking   Coffee
Cooked dried beans or peas

Interaction of drugs with Vitamin D cofactors

Dr. Jockers 2018

Interactions with Vitamin D        
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