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Infant hospitalized after Vitamin D overdose (8,000 X too much) Feb 2016

Omaha, KETV Feb 2016

Transcript indicates that it took months to notice the 8,000X too high of dose
1 dropperful instead of one drop
Somthing strange here. A full dropper contains 15-20 drops
Assuming 400 IU/drop X 8,000 (which is perhaps a full bottle) = 4,300,000 IU daily

Is there even a single ingestable substance which is not deadly at 8000 X in a single day,
   much less 2 months?

Water (8,000 gallons),
Aspirin (40 bottles),
Calories (16 million calories),
Vitamin C (8 kilograms)

It is extremely hard to get a toxic amount of vitamin D

Graph of dose vs week