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France restricts payments for Vitamin D tests – Dec 2015

Recommendations for the measurement of blood 25-OH vitamin D

Ann Biol Clin (Paris). 2015 Dec 29. [Epub ahead of print]
Souberbielle JC1, Deschenes G2, Fouque D3, Groussin L4, Guggenbuhl P5, Jean G6, Linglart A7, Thomas T8.

The 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) serum concentration should not be measured to everybody but recommendations for this measurement in several clinical situations are available from numerous guidelines and expert positions. It can be proposed to measure 25OHD in diseases where a target range of 25OHD concentrations associated with better outcomes is defined with a sufficient level of evidence, and when this target concentration is difficult to reach without previous measurement (or may be exceeded in case of too large doses are provided). Many National and International Medical Societies recommend to measure 25OHD at least in any situation of « bone fragility » (defined by a low bone mineral density and/or a low energy fracture), in malabsorptions, in chronic kidney disease, in any « phosphocalcic pathology, in patients with clinical signs of profound vitamin D deficiency or excess, and, more generally in any biological exploration of calcium/phosphorus metabolism that includes the measurement of PTH. Although these recommandations may seem discordant with the recent French restriction in the reimbursment of 25OHD measurement, they may still be reimbursed.

PMID: 26711312

VitaminDWiki was unable to get details on the French restriction of vitamin D tests

France joins several other countries (Canada, Australia, US, etc) in trying to restrict costs of vitamin D testing. This restriction in testing ignores the benefits of increased vitamin D levels due to patient awareness of vitamin D deficiency. They fail to notice that majority of people do not request a second test because they have felt the increase in vitamin D levels and so have no requested a subsequent test.

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