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Child died in hospital, death due to low vitamin D, mother is suing hospital – Nov 2018

'Simple test could have saved my baby’: Tragic mother suing Walsall hospital

  • “One-year-old Dataeo Scully died at Walsall Manor Hospital in March. An investigation carried revealed the cause of death was a lack of Vitamin D.”
  • “They told me it is not protocol to check Vitamin D but it is important and there is not much out there about it. I want to raise awareness by telling Dataeo’s story.”

UK Daily Mail

  • "'If a doctor had not thought outside the box and not checked his Vitamin D levels, it would say Sudden Infant Death Syndrome on his death certificate."
  • "Ms Scully also believes that because of Dataeo's darker skin colour, it was harder for him to produce vitamin D because the pigment in dark skin doesn't absorb as much UV radiation as compared to lighter skinned people."

The UK, Canada, US, Australia, France, .... have greatly decreased Vitamin D testing- to save costs
I expect that medical liability costs in a few years will outweigh any cost savings

Note: It is far less expensive to just give vitamin D to those who might need it than to test

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