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Breast Cancer chemotherapy improved if able to suppress a vitamin D gene (CYP24A1) – May 2023

Suppression of the vitamin D metabolizing enzyme CYP24A1 provides increased sensitivity to chemotherapeutic drugs in breast cancer

Oncol Rep . 2023 May;49(5):85. doi: 10.3892/or.2023.8522
Sakura Kamiya 1, Yuna Nakamori 1, Akira Takasawa 1, Kumi Takasawa 1, Daisuke Kyuno 1, Yusuke Ono 1, Kazufumi Magara 1, Makoto Osanai

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for the human body not only for the metabolism of calcium but also for homeostasis. Vitamin D contributes to cell fate decisions, including cell proliferation, differentiation and viability. Accumulated epidemiological data suggest a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and carcinogenesis in numerous organs. Furthermore, it is known that the expression of the vitamin D metabolizing enzyme, cytochrome P450 family 24 subtype A1 (CYP24A1), is increased in different types of human malignancy including breast carcinoma. However, the pathological relevance of elevated CYP24A1 expression level requires further clarification.
In the present study, it was demonstrated that CYP24A1 promoted the oncogenic property of breast carcinoma cells. Consistent with previous reports, it was demonstrated that the expression of CYP24A1 was elevated in invasive breast carcinoma and significantly decreased the overall survival of patients with invasive breast carcinoma.
Importantly, suppression of CYP24A1 expression significantly enhanced cell death sensitivity to two anticancer drugs with pharmacologically different modes of action, cisplatin and gefitinib. The results of the present study suggest the possibility of CYP24A1-inhibiting therapy as a novel therapy in breast cancer with overexpression of CYP24A1.

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