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Vitamin D genes may be more important than (25(OH)D) to orthopedics – Review Dec 2022

Vitamin D Metabolic Pathway Components in Orthopedic Patientes—Systematic Review

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2022, 23(24), 15556; https://doi.org/10.3390/ijms232415556
Janusz Płomiński Roman Grzybowski Ewa Fiedorowicz . Edyta Sienkiewicz-Szłapka. Dominika Rozmus/ Angelika Król-Grzymała, Beata Jarmołowska. Natalia Kordulewska. Anna Cieślińska

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Seems strange that VDR and 24A1 are not included in the chart

Vitamin D takes part in the functioning of many processes that ensure the homeostasis of the body. In orthopedics, it is indicated as an inseparable element ensuring proper bone growth and functioning, and its deficiencies are indicated in various diseases, mainly in the proper structure and function of the skeleton. In this review, we focus on the most important components of the vitamin D metabolic pathway, in correlation with selected orthopedic conditions. Records were obtained from the PubMed database in a timeline of 2010–2022. The keywords were as follows:

  • 'vitamin D
  • /cholesterol
  • /vitamin D binding protein
  • / VDBP
  • /Cytochrome
  • /CYP24A1
  • /CYP 27B1
  • /Vitamin D receptor
  • /VDR
  • / + diseases
    • (ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff, arthroplasty knee/hip/shoulder).

The recent original studies were analyzed, discussed, and the most important data were shown. The vast majority of articles concern the metabolite of vitamin D (25(OH)D), which is measured as a standard in diagnostic laboratories. Even though there is a lot of valuable information in the literature, we believe that the other elements of the vitamin D pathway also deserve attention and suggest their research in correlation with orthopedic disorders to supplement the missing knowledge on this topic.
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