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Shine On Scotland (a 2010 campaign that failed)


Their Home page http://shineonms.com/ April 2010

If you had one chance to help reduce Multiple Sclerosis in Scotland, what would you do?

This is the question which Ryan McLaughlin, aged 14, from Glasgow, has an answer to. Watch the video to find out more, and please share this video on your Bebo, Facebook and MySpace pages. You could help protect future generations of Scots from Multiple Sclerosis by writing to your MSP and asking them to support the campaign.
Thousands signed our e-petition and hundreds joined our walk to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 16th June 2009. It was a great success and the Scottish Government have been very supportive of the campaign goals. Ryan went back at the public petitions committee on the 9th of February 2010 when he formally closed his petition as excellent progress had been made in working with the Scottish Government to take action on the campaign goals even further forward and we hope to announce full details of the vitamin d summit in the coming weeks!

Ryan is aware of the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), as it impacts on the lives of 10,500 people in Scotland and one of of those affected is his Mum. His experience of MS made him determined to find a way to help the thousands of people who are fighting this chronic progressive disease, an illness which has no cure, and to lessen the impact of MS on future generations. So what is his answer?

Campaign Goals
  • Providing Vitamin D to all of Scotland’s children and pregnant mums
  • Clarification on the recommended daily allowance
  • To run a public awareness campaign inform the public about the benefits of Vitamin D in relation to MS

Scientists have now proven a link between MS and a lack of Vitamin D. People in Scotland are exposed to less sunshine, and it is the energy from the sun which triggers a chemical reaction in the body which leads to Vitamin D being produced. MS is rare in countries close to the equator which have a high amount of sunshine and becomes more common at distant latitudes. For example, in the US rates are lowest in Florida and rise towards Canada. At an MS conference in November 2008 scientists told the Scottish Government of the link and now it needs to act on this evidence.
That is why Ryan has started the Shine on Scotland campaign, as he believes that the government providing Vitamin D to children and pregnant mums is our chance to stop future generations from suffering the way his Mum does everyday. He’s doing it for your children and your grandchildren. Will you join him in his fight?
This is our chance. Together we can change Scotland’s future through providing Vitamin D for all.

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