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Vitamin D given slowly in hospital did not fight COVID-19 much - Nov 2021

Rapid and Effective Vitamin D Supplementation May Present Better Clinical Outcomes in COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Patients by Altering Serum INOS1, IL1B, IFNg, Cathelicidin-LL37, and ICAM1

Nutrients 2021, 13(11), 4047; https://doi.org/10.3390/nu13114047
by Mustafa Sait Gönen 1ORCID,Merve Alaylıoğlu 2,Emre Durcan 1,Yusuf Özdemir 3,Serdar Şahin 1,Dildar Konukoğlu 4,Okan Kadir Nohut 5ORCID,Seval Ürkmez 6,Berna Küçükece 7,İlker İnanç Balkan 3,H. Volkan Kara 8ORCID,Şermin Börekçi 9ORCID,Hande Özkaya 1,Zekayi Kutlubay 10,Yalım Dikmen 6,Yılmaz Keskindemirci 11,12,Spyridon N. Karras 13,*ORCID,Cedric Annweiler 14,15ORCID,Duygu Gezen-Ak 2,* andErdinç Dursun 2,16,*ORCID


They appear, for some reason, to not start giving vitamin D until the 3rd hospital day

Average vitamin D level after 14 days was only 35 ng (probably need everyone above 50 ng)

Note: >70% of the RCT in Oct 2020 using Vitamin D to fight COVID-19 were using at least 100,000 IU during the first week
RCTs for COVID-19

COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

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Background: We aimed to establish an acute treatment protocol to increase serum vitamin D, evaluate the effectiveness of vitamin D3 supplementation, and reveal the potential mechanisms in COVID-19. Methods: We retrospectively analyzed the data of 867 COVID-19 cases. Then, a prospective study was conducted, including 23 healthy individuals and 210 cases. A total of 163 cases had vitamin D supplementation, and 95 were followed for 14 days. Clinical outcomes, routine blood biomarkers, serum levels of vitamin D metabolism, and action mechanism-related parameters were evaluated. Results: Our treatment protocol increased the serum 25OHD levels significantly to above 30 ng/mL within two weeks. COVID-19 cases (no comorbidities, no vitamin D treatment, 25OHD <30 ng/mL) had 1.9-fold increased risk of having hospitalization longer than 8 days compared with the cases with comorbidities and vitamin D treatment. Having vitamin D treatment decreased the mortality rate by 2.14 times. The correlation analysis of specific serum biomarkers with 25OHD indicated that the vitamin D action in COVID-19 might involve regulation of INOS1, IL1B, IFNg, cathelicidin-LL37, and ICAM1. Conclusions: Vitamin D treatment shortened hospital stay and decreased mortality in COVID-19 cases, even in the existence of comorbidities. Vitamin D supplementation is effective on various target parameters; therefore, it is essential for COVID-19 treatment

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