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Swallowing problems (dysphagia): in Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease (perhaps low vitamin D)

  1. July 2014: Noticed survey on dysphagia and MS by a researcher I am following concerning MS and Vitamin D
    Posting is attached at bottom of this page
  2. Had to look up the definition of dysphagia
  3. Searched PubMed for dysphagia "multiple sclerosis" 101 items
  4. Searched PubMed for Dysphagia "Parkinson's disease" 336 items as of July 2014
  5. Increasing report of dysphagia and MS (which might be indicative of decreasing levels of vitamin D)
  6. Diseases associated with dyphagia (2009 slide presentation)
  7. Adding to the burden: gastrointestinal symptoms and syndromes in multiple sclerosis July 2014
    Full text on-line

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