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Psoriasis is treated by topical Vitamin D, etc. – May 2023

Topical treatment of psoriasis vulgaris

J Dtsch Dermatol Ges . 2023 May 26. doi: 10.1111/ddg.15042   PDF is behind a paywall
Lejla Ramic 1, Paul Sator 1

Topical therapy plays an important role in the treatment of psoriasis. It is the gold standard in mild psoriasis cases and is also recommended in addition to UV and systemic therapy in cases of moderate to severe psoriasis. In this overview article we summarize the current therapeutic options, taking into account special localizations (scalp, facial, intertriginous/genital, or palmoplantar lesions) and situations (hyperkeratotic or inflammatory forms), as well as the therapy options during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In the initial phase, the combination of topical corticosteroids and vitamin D analogues has proven to be the therapy of choice, as well as monotherapy in each case. In maintenance therapy, fixed combination therapy is recommended once or twice a week. In addition to the right choice of active substances, the choice of the right formulation also plays an important role.
To increase adherence, it is very important to consider the personal preferences and experiences of the patient. If topical therapy does not lead to a satisfactory result, additional UV therapy or systemic therapy should be considered.

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Founder of VitaminDWiki on Topical vitamin D for psoraisis

Have been using it for over a decade for small psorasis on my right knee (bik injury)
About 3 times a year I notice it again and re-apply a few drops of nanoemulsion Vitamin D (10,000 IU)
My wife also uses it for skin problems - but washes it off after about 10 minutes . She does not like the sticky feel

VitaminDWiki – Topical Vitamin D category contains

Topical is one of the many ways of increasing the vitamin D in your body
Topical is 2X to 50X more expensive than oral form
Topical is great for those who not want to swallow pillls nor fortifiy their food/drink with Vitamin D
Topical is one of the many gut-friendly forms of vitamin D (good bioavailability for those with poor guts
Topical is especially good form to apply directly to skin problems:
    - i.e. Psoriasis  Warts  Burns  Acne  Eczema  Wounds  (lasts about a day)
    The skin, like most tissues of the body, can fully-activate Vitamin D locally - no liver nor kidney needed.
Provides perhaps 100X higher concentration of Vitamin D to that portion than if same dose were taken orally
There were > 700 topical Vitamin D products on Amazon Aug, 2019
     Creams. oils, patches, nanoemulsions, etc.
Suspect that topical Vitamin D is best absorbed where the skin gets Vitamin D naturally
- - - face and hands vs the back or the inside of arms
Nanoemulsions can also be applied topically under the tongue and inhaled

VitaminDWiki – Psoriasis category contains

Some of the 70 Psoriasis articles

Renu Mahtani on oral treatment of Psorasis with Vitamin D

VitaminDWiki – Nanoemulsion Vitamin D may be a substantially better form updated March 2019

Bought 6 kinds of Vitamin D Emulsion - March 2019
There are a variety of Vitamin D emulsions on Amazon (US) as of 2019
Bio Emulsion Forte is what I started buying in 2012.
I have given out 3 bottles (as of 2019) of it to friends with gut problems who were getting no benefit from standard vitamin D.
It worked well for them in each case

Since ~2017 I also have been purchasing Micro D3 Nanoemulsion for inhaled Vitamin D experiments
   see further down this page details on nutrasal.com product

In March 2019 I also purchased PreventiX, Hi-Pro Emulsi-D3, Bio-Emulsion-D3, and Liquid Vitamin D3
They were added because
1) They had good Amazon reviews
2) Were likely to have a micro/nano size,
3) Seemed to have a > 1,000 IU per drop.
4) Were fairly low cost (per 5,000 IU)

I also have been getting some Vitamin D Nanoemulsion from Bio-Tech Pharmacal since ~2016.
They are making it for some Vitamin D clinical trials, and I have used it for inhaled tests.
Bio-Tech Pharmacal emulsion is not (as of 2019) being sold commercially.
Note: March 2019 Dried beans and peas in meal appear to decrease uptake of oil-based Vitamin D
If you often eat pulses when supplementing with Vitamin D, you might need to have a non-oil-based vitamin D, such as in the above picture
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

50,000 IU powder in capsule
Example Biotech Pharmacal
Example micro D3
Average Cost
per day for 10,000 IU
4 cents8 cents
IU per serving 50,000 IU = capsule2,000 IU = drop
Servings if want average
of 10,000 IU/day
1 capsule
per 5 days
25 drops = 1 /4 teaspoon
per 5 days
Shelf life 1 year?6 months?
Add to food/drinkYes (powder) possiblly
Apply to skinNoYes
Swish in mouth
for fast response
Yes if put powder in saliva
or swish vitamin D water
Availability to cell
- better than bio-availability
standardperhaps 2X more
- due to small size
or activation of Vitamin D Receptor