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Menopause is earlier in black women (low vitamin D) - Aug 2023

Menopause Is Different for Women of Color

New York Times vitamin D is not mentioned

VitaminDWiki - 10 studies in both categories Dark Skin and Women

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VitaminDWiki – Overview Dark Skin and Vitamin D contains

FACT - - People with dark skins have more health problems and higher mortality rate than those with light skins
FACT - - People with dark skins have low levels of vitamin D
FACT - - People with light skins who have low vitamin D have health problems
OBSERVATION - - The health problems of whites with low level of vitamin D are similar to those with dark skins
CONCLUSION - - People with dark skins have more health problems due to low levels of vitamin D
African American Health Disparities are associated with low Vitamin D - Grant Feb 2021
Low Vitamin D increases health problems - independent of skin color

Dark Skin studies: Pregnancy (28 studies),  Genetics (13 studies),  Vitamin D Binding Protein (8 studies),  Vitamin D Receptor (7 studies),  Diabetes (24 studies),   Cardiovascular (18 studies),  Mortality (12 studies), Intervention (16 studies) Click here to see the studies

VitaminDWiki – Skin - Dark contains

464 items below see also Overview Dark Skin and Vitamin D,  Dark skin pregnancies and Vitamin D - many studies,  High Risk,   "Sickle Cell"

Dark Skin studies : Pregnancy (28 ),  Genetics (13 ),  Vitamin D Binding Protein (8 ),  Vitamin D Receptor (7 ),  Diabetes (24 ),   Cardiovascular (18 ),  Mortality (12 )

VitaminDWiki – (Blacks die more often than whites of many diseases (they have less vitamin D) – 2012 contains:

Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans Cancer.org

  • “African Americans have the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial and ethnic group in the US for most cancers”
  • Has a huge number of tables and charts, Note: Vitamin D is not mentioned

Leading Causes of Death as of March 2018

All Ages Death rateBlackWhiteRatio
Heart diseases 217 1711.27
Cancer 1991701.17
Cerebrovascular diseases51361.4
Diabetes 40 192.0

Rates per 100,000    Age adjusted   Non-Hispanic