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Large dose of calcifediol or vitamin D up to 15 days before COVID hospitalization reduced death rates (1.5X, 1.3X) – Dec 2021

Real world evidence of calcifediol or vitamin D prescription and mortality rate of COVID-19 in a retrospective cohort of hospitalized Andalusian patients

Sci Rep. 2021 Dec 3;11(1):23380. doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-02701-5
Carlos Loucera 1 2, María Peña-Chilet 1 2 3, Marina Esteban-Medina 1 2, Dolores Muñoyerro-Muñiz 4, Román Villegas 4, Jose Lopez-Miranda 5 6, Jesus Rodriguez-Baño 2 7 8, Isaac Túnez 9 10 11 12, Roger Bouillon 13, Joaquin Dopazo 14 15 16 17, Jose Manuel Quesada Gomez 18 19

COVID-19 is a major worldwide health problem because of acute respiratory distress syndrome, and mortality. Several lines of evidence have suggested a relationship between the vitamin D endocrine system and severity of COVID-19. We present a survival study on a retrospective cohort of 15,968 patients, comprising all COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Andalusia between January and November 2020. Based on a central registry of electronic health records (the Andalusian Population Health Database, BPS), prescription of vitamin D or its metabolites within 15-30 days before hospitalization were recorded. The effect of prescription of vitamin D (metabolites) for other indication previous to the hospitalization was studied with respect to patient survival. Kaplan-Meier survival curves and hazard ratios support an association between prescription of these metabolites and patient survival. Such association was stronger for

  • calcifediol (Hazard Ratio, HR = 0.67, with 95% confidence interval, CI, of [0.50-0.91]) than for
  • cholecalciferol (HR = 0.75, with 95% CI of [0.61-0.91]),

when prescribed 15 days prior hospitalization.
Although the relation is maintained, there is a general decrease of this effect when a longer period of 30 days prior hospitalization is considered (calcifediol HR = 0.73, with 95% CI [0.57-0.95] and cholecalciferol HR = 0.88, with 95% CI [0.75, 1.03]), suggesting that association was stronger when the prescription was closer to the hospitalization.
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Observation by VitaminDWiki

Apparently this region in Spain prescribed either 256 mcg of calcifediol or 25,000 IU of vitamin D
These appear to be once a month doses
It appears that only those with <20 of vitainm D are given these prescroptions
Many other studies have found both to fight COVID - via prevention or tratment
Suspect that these are not new prescrptions, but rather just the day a new pill was given (have sent a question to one of the authors)

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~2 months supply of calcifediol costs $20
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