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  1. VA found less testing for vitamin D resulted in increased health costs – Jan 2012
  2. HMO and others who can profit from Vitamin D
  3. Dr. Grant on vitamin D and mortality in VitaminDWiki
  4. Giving free vitamin D to every Iranian would pay for itself by just reducing CVD – Oct 2021
  5. One vitamin D pill every 4 weeks should cost-effectively reduce diabetes in Iran – Jan 2022
  6. 1 in 4 medical schools have a nutrition course and nutrition counseling is rarely reimbursed, – JAMA Sept 2017
  7. 10 fewer days of ICU Mechanical Ventilation 300,000 IU injection of vitamin D – RCT March 2019
  8. 15 minutes of education improved vitamin D compliance – Mar 2012
  9. 18 fewer hospital days if given 500,000 IU of vitamin D while ventilated in ICU – RCT June 2016
  10. 28 pct of dark skinned people in UK not heard of vitamin D and 54 pct not know symptoms – Jan 2012
  11. 4,200,000,000,000 dollars for wellness – Oct 2018
  12. 540000 IU before ICU raised vitamin D by 25 ng in 2 days – March 2011
  13. A Health Insurance company is giving free Vitamin D to members who are deficient – Aug 2018
  14. A smoker costs a company 5816 dollars every year – Aug 2013
  15. A US hospital director is now 30 X less likely to have medical training than 30 years ago – Oct 2017
  16. Adding Iodine to salt added 11 percent to goiter states income (how much might vitamin D add) – July 2018
  17. Adults only need 400-800 IU of vitamin D - Group Health HMO July 2014
  18. Aetna and Walgreens and United Way Continue Vitamin D Giveaways – May 2010
  19. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (might Vitamin D be worth several pounds)
  20. Biology of Vitamin D – 30ng min., 50ng preferred, 1000X lower cost than health problem – Feb 2019
  21. Black veterans have worse health and low vitamin D, yet are not tested as much – June 2011
  22. BUPA is an HMO in the UK which can benefit from vitamin D
  23. Can Vitamin D be a Cure to Health Care Sustainability (question mark) – symposium May 2014
  24. Chance of dying in hospital cut in half by just 10 ng higher level of Vitamin D – April 2016
  25. Children stayed in ICU 3.5 days longer if low vitamin D – Dec 2015
  26. Coloradans paid by Kaiser to lose weight – Dec 2011
  27. Companies and individuals will benefit from more vitamin D
  28. Concierge medicine would benefit from healthier patients (vitamin D)
  29. Cost of US health exceeds the cost of food
  30. Costs of Pregnancy much reduced by Vitamin D
  31. Deployment of Preventive Interventions have been proven many times, but rarely implemented – May 2018
  32. Diabetes Prevention Program funded by many (Vitamin D would be much better) – Aug 2018
  33. Do not expect a doctor to recommend a pill which will eliminate his job (vitamin D)
  34. Economic Burden of Illness in Canada, 2010 – April 2018
  35. Economic interventions to improve health – review 2016
  36. Effects of low vitamin D on pregnancy and neonate – review Jan 2015
  37. Emotional Value of a Product (such as Vitamin D)
  38. Employer alliance is trying to reduce the cost of health care – Aug 2017
  39. Employers should give night shift workers free vitamin D – GMB Union June 2019
  40. Far more lobbyists will OPPOSE Vitamin D than PROMOTE Vitamin D
  41. Fraser Health in Canada will be giving 20000 IU vitamin D weekly to reduce falls – Nov 2011
  42. Give Vitamin D to all fracture patients – cost effective to prevent nonunions – Aug 2016
  43. Half of the people in the US pay 1 thousand dollars annually to get medical treatment (deductibles) – May 2018
  44. Hay fever decreases productivity
  45. Health Care Costs in US are increasing - infographics and Vitamin D - Dec 2016
  46. Health Care Systems will save money by introducing vitamin D
  47. Heart attack ICU costs cut in half by Vitamin D – Oct 2018
  48. Heart Attack ICU costs reduced $37,000 by $20 of Vitamin D – Nov 2015

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