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  1. US - UK - Canada
    RufusG 26 Aug, 2010 11:43

    In the UK the government runs a single “health insurance” system
    - paid for out of general taxation
    - this is the NHS National Health Service

    Everyone receives care and treatment, regardless of their ability to pay
    - in theory, a millionaire and a homeless tramp can receive the same treatment
    - in practice, it works well for most people

    In Canada there is a similar system, but the government only handles the money
    - all hospitals and doctors are private businesses, but paid via the government

    In UK the NHS employs the doctors and owns and runs the hospitals

    This probably explains why the UK healthcare costs 8% while the Canadian system costs 10%

    In the UK, there are also optional private schemes that can provide additional healthcare
    - these are funded privately or by employers
    - but they still refer all information back to the primary care doctor as co-ordinator