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  1. Vitamin D for Dummies
    Annie 07 Oct, 2011 18:40

    I also read Vitamin D for Dummies and agree with you wholeheardetly as I thought the information was so inaccurate I put it in the recycling as I didn't want to allow it to circulate any further! Very, very poor, out of date information.
  2. Pets
    Bob 23 May, 2012 01:28

    hello Henry
    I just became a member today, very impressive Vitamin D site you have.
    Can't believe you did it.
    The reason I'm writing is that for 8years I was doing missionary work in the Philippines
    & really got to understand the use of vitamin D. I used it often to help asthmatics during attacks & on my dog.
    Do you have a section for pets. Maybe you would like to hear how my Border Collie became younger. It really is an amazing story.
    Talk soon
    1. Yes, pets too
      admin 04 Aug, 2017 15:52

      Overview Veterinary and vitamin D has a lot of pet information
  3. Vitamin D and orthodontics
    BaF 05 Aug, 2014 22:08

    It is possible that Ashwagandha can preserve hair melanin. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19587106 - in the discussion of the study)
    But when hair are already white, I don't think it could do anything.

    One question : I'm going to have dental braces. I read a study done on cats than local injection of vitamine D increase tooth movement. Of course this is low evidence. But do you think it's likely that high vitamin D level can enhance orthodotonc treatment ? And what is the the upper limit of vitamin D blood level where bone remodeling reach its pick ?

    Thanks !
  4. Sunfriend wristmeter
    Boe 31 Aug, 2014 18:31

    Hi! Would VitaminD Council approved Sunfriend UVB/UVI wristmeter be of interest to the group ?
    May be of interest when using aditional UV-sources like suntan parlours or mercury lightbulbs.
    See www.sunfriend.com.

  5. Vitamin D in conjuction with Vitamin K2??
    Bridget 07 Oct, 2014 12:27

    Great site, great information! I am just now reading are researching the importance of Vitamin D, so thank you for your website!

    Have you read on using Vitamin K2 in conjunction with Vitamin D? From a few articles I have read so far, the absorbtion rate of Vit D is much higher when used together. If you have any further info, pro or against, please share on your site!
    1. K2 is good
      admin 28 Nov, 2014 17:39

      Overview Vitamin K and Vitamin D - yes very good to have with Vitamin D
      here are the cofactors which I take
      No indication that it increases adsorption of vitamin D, but stops Calcium from going to wrong locations
  6. D3
    nrostaie02 22 Jan, 2019 01:57

    Hi Henry,

    I am finding your site very very useful and like your analytical way of thinking, very similar to mine.

    I have been researching nutrition and supplements many years now on the internet using sites such as examine.com, Dr Mercola's and others.

    I would be very interested in a discussion with you on a messenger and getting your opinion and answers on some stuff. I've added you on FB if that is ok. Let me know if this is possible.

    Looking forward to your response

    1. Sure, contact me directly at my email
      admin 23 Jan, 2019 12:51