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1600 IU vitamin D minimum for high risk in New Zealand

Sunday April 1, 2012

Consensus statement for New Zealand: March 14, 2012


  • ALL people at high risk of being vitamin D deficient in NZ should have a 50,000 IU vitamin D3 monthly prescription
  • Future Consensus statement for pregnancy
  • 32% of New Zealand had vitamin D levels less than 20 nanograms/ml in 2009

It is important to note what is missing:

  1. A great many organizations and countries place 30 nanograms as the minimum
  2. Winter would increase the percentage (less sun)
  3. They failed to mention such high risk groups as seniors
  4. Higher percentage would be deficient in their island which is further from the equator (less sunshine)
  5. Probably more New Zealanders have become deficient by 2012 (it has been 3 years since the study)
    26 reasons for deficiency - 12 of which are new in the past 40 years

Based on data from many other countries, VitaminDWiki anticipates:

>90% of those in high risk groups on the South Island will have < 30 nanogram in the winter
   Hhigh risk group examples: dark skin, senior, pregnant, obese

Consensus statement does NOT recommend widespread testing vitamin D levels (we agree – not needed)
They recommend getting it only by prescription (we disagree)

CLICK HERE for details and what other countries do