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Yet again – vitamin D levels very low in sunny Saudia Arabia – April 2011

10 ng averge for 87 men and 52 women who were 30 years old

They claimed that 68% of the people tested were getting enough vitamin D from the sun

80 minutes a week of sun on forearms and legs from 9AM to noon

80 minutes per week for people with skin color of 3 (range of 1 = white to 7 = black) at latitude = 30 degrees North
  would be about 1100 IU daily

The body consumes 2300 IU of vitamin D daily

  • 1100 IU would not be enough vitamin D to replentish the 2300 IU consumed daily
  • It is doubtful that the people actually got that much sunshine with air conditioning cutting down on the time they would actually spend in the sun
  • Also: urban haze reduces the amount of vitamin D actually getting to the ground.

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