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Weight loss of 26 lbs if diet, walk and 100,000 IU of vitamin D bi-weekly– July 2018

Beneficial Effects of Vitamin D on Insulin Sensitivity, Blood Pressure, Abdominal Subcutaneous Fat Thickness, and Weight Loss in Refractory Obesity

Clinical Diabetes 2018 Jul; 36(3): 217-225. https://doi.org/10.2337/cd17-0099
Amr Shaaban Hanafy1 Dr_amr_hanafy at yahoo.com and Hany Ahmed Elkatawy2


All had previously been unsuccessful at losing weight
Initial weight = 98.6 kg (217 lbs)
Initial BMI =37 kg/m2
Patients with less than 30 ng level of vitamin D got 100,000 IU every two weeks
Two groups of about 100 people
12 weeks – concurrent Vitamin D supplementation and diet/exercise
All patients had diet and walking program adjusted to their bodies

  • 500-kcal deficit diet
  • walking for 30 minutes 5 days/week with heart rate @ 40–54% of maximum
weight loss
weight loss
Vitamin D
Vitamin D
Vitamin D11.7 kg 26 lbs 18 ng 35 ng
No added vitamin D3.1kg 7 lbs > 30 ng

Comment by the founder of VitaminDWiki

  • Probably would have had much more weith loss if had repleted Vitamin D BEFORE the diet and exercise portion of the program.
  • The Vitamin D would have been virtually useless in the first month or two of this 3-month program
  • Repletion can take 8-12 weeks if given bi-weekly (1,200,000 = 12 week X 100,000 IU)
  • Repletion <2 weeks if given all within a single week (e.g. 170,000 daily)

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Concurrent supplements which should enourage weight loss

Overview Obesity and Vitamin D contains the following summary

IN BRIEF This study explored the impact of correcting vitamin D deficiency on blood pressure, metabolic status, and weight loss in patients with fatigue and obesity refractory to conventional interventions such as diet, exercise, behavioral modification, and pharmacotherapy. Correction of vitamin D deficiency in such patients was found to be significantly associated with weight reduction and improved insulin sensitivity.

Publisher wants $35 for the PDF

PDF is available free at Sci-Hub  10.2337/cd17-0099

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