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Vitamin D sales increased by 40 percent in last year in Sweden - Feb 2021

Large increase in sales of vitamin D

Note: 40% increase in number of packages, no indication of increase in IUs purchased
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Increased by over 40 percent in four chains
At the online pharmacy Apotea, 598,388 packages of vitamin D were sold in 2020, compared with 316,290 packages the year before, Apotea's CEO Pär Svärdson states in an email to Läkemedelsvärlden.

Increased sales were also noticed at Kronan's pharmacies.

“In 2020, our sales of vitamin D peaked significantly. The number of packages / cans sold increased in 2020 by 55% compared with 2019. If we look back to 2016, sales have been relatively even year-on-year and it is 2020 that stands out ", writes Linda Wakeham, PR manager at Kronan's pharmacy, in an email.

At Apoteket, sales of vitamin D were largely the same in 2018 and 2019, but increased by 53 percent in 2020, writes Magnus Frisk, press officer at Apoteket, in an email. An increase was also seen at Apotek hartet when sales rose by 43 percent in 2020 compared with the year before, says Gabriella Ohlzon, press officer for the Ica group, in an email.

However, Lloy's pharmacy has not seen the same pattern. Instead, sales were at their highest in 2018.

Magnus Gisslén believes that the reason why sales have increased is that people absorb what is written in the media.

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