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Vitamin D not help when not give enough (Graves Disease in this case – 26 ng) – Jan 2020

Vitamin D supplementation does not prevent the recurrence of Graves’ disease

Scientific Reports volume 10, Article number: 16 (2020) . 08 January 2020
Yoon Young Cho & Yun Jae Chung


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Back to the Drawing Board? Effects of High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation in Graves' Disease on Muscle Strength, Lean Mass Gain, and Quality of Life
Leonidas H Duntas 1, Thyroid, 2020 Mar 2[ PMID: 32122259 DOI: 10.1089/thy.2020.0162

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Dose size was not large enough to get a statistically significant reduction in recurrence


Recent literature has reported a higher prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among people with Graves’ disease. No study has examined the effect of vitamin D supplementation on the clinical outcomes of Graves’ disease. We aimed to evaluate whether daily vitamin D supplementation reduces Graves’ disease recurrence. We enrolled 210 subjects with Graves’ disease and vitamin D deficiency and followed them for at least one year after anti-thyroid drug (ATD) discontinuation. Among 210 individuals, 60 (29%) were amenable to taking vitamin D supplements, resulting in sufficient vitamin D levels (from 10.6 to 25.7 ng/mL), whereas the mean vitamin D level was 11.6 ng/mL in the 150 patients who did not take vitamin D supplements. The recurrence rate was similar in both groups (38% vs. 49%, P = 0.086). However, recurrence occurred earlier in the latter group (7 months vs. 5 months, P = 0.016). In the multivariate analysis, vitamin D levels and TSH-binding inhibitory immunoglobulin (TBII) titers at ATD discontinuation remained significant factors for recurrence. Vitamin D levels and TBII titers at ATD discontinuation exhibited a weak negative correlation (R = −0.143, P = 0.041). Vitamin D supplementation might have a protective effect against Graves’ disease recurrence with a borderline significant recurrence rate reduction.

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