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Vitamin D equivalent of a few days of sunbathing dropped COVID death rate from 3 in 20 to 1 in 20 - video Dec 2021

Vasquez 2 minute video

DrV’s sub2-minute Summary of J Clin Endocrinology Metab 2021 June
Dr Alex Kennerly Vasquez webpage = https://healthythinking.substack.com/
Huge number of items at his website - such as

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  • Publication: J Clin Endocrinology Metab 2021 June
  • Population: n=838 Cv19 hospitalized at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona Spain
  • Action: oral 25ohD oddly administered 266 mcg d1x2,d3,d7,d15, d30; my math on this is that 532mcg is approx (by factor of 40x) 21280 IU of 25ohD which has an approximate biological equivalence (by factor 3.2x) of 68,096 IU of D3 for the loading dose; 226x40x3.2x6/ 30d = 5785 IU/d which is completely physiologic; the patients probably could have received this by sunbathing in the beach directly in front of the hospital
  • Effect: 87% reduction in ICU admission; 79% reduction in mortality
  • Summation: These results are the most superior in terms of reduced ICU utilization, reduced mortality and cost-effectiveness that have ever been documented TTBOMK

This and similar studies on VitaminDWiki

Note: Calcifediol has faster response time that standard vitamin D

Note: Do not know if the response time of vitamin D gernerated by sun or UVB is faster or slower than response time for Calcifediol

Vitamin D taken when getting COVID symptoms would result in peak vitamin D at least a week before that if got Calcifediol when later admitted to hospital

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