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Vitamin D blocks Vitamin K – 2015

Fat-soluble vitamin intestinal absorption: Absorption sites in the intestine and interactions for absorption

Food Chemistry 172 (2015) 155-160 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016Zj.foodchem.2014.09.0210308-8146
a,b'c, Amelie Dhaussyd, Alain Huertas d,
a INRA, UMR1260 ‘‘Nutrition, Obesity and Risk of Thrombosis'', F-13385 Marseille, France b INSERM, UMR U1062, F-13385 Marseille, France cAix-Marseille Universite, Faculte de Medecine, F-13385 Marseille, France d Lesieur, F-92600 Asnieres-sur-Seine, France

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High dose Vitamin A (black bar) reduces the uptake of Vitamin D

High dose Vitamin D (black bar) reduces by half the uptake of Vitamin K

All of the tall bars are part of the "small" intestine (22 feet in length)

The interactions occurring at the intestinal level between the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K (FSVs) are poorly documented. We first determined each FSV absorption profile along the duodenal-colonic axis of mouse intestine to clarify their respective absorption sites. We then investigated the interactions between FSVs during their uptake by Caco-2 cells. Our data show that vitamin A was mostly absorbed in the mouse proximal intestine, while vitamin D was absorbed in the median intestine, and vitamin E and K in the distal intestine. Significant competitive interactions for uptake were then elucidated among vitamin D, E and K, supporting the hypothesis of common absorption pathways. Vitamin A also significantly decreased the uptake of the other FSVs but, conversely, its uptake was not impaired by vitamins D and K and even promoted by vitamin E. These results should be taken into account, especially for supplement formulation, to optimise FSV absorption.

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