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Vitamin D almost as good as dydrogesterone in improving women’s general health – July 2012

A comparison between the efficacy of dydrogesterone and calcium plus vitamin D in improving women's general health.

Afr J Psychiatry (Johannesbg). 2010 Jul;13(3):218-24.
Khajehei M, Abdali K, Tabatabaee HR.
College of Nursing & Midwifery, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.

The aim of this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was to evaluate the effect of dydrogesterone and calcium plus vitamin D on young women's general health.

One hundred and eighty students studying at Shiraz University were recruited. Students completed the General Health Questionnaires (GHQ-28) prior to participation. They were then randomly assigned to take a tablet containing either 5 mg of dydrogesterone, 500 mg of calcium plus 200 mg of vitamin D, or a placebo twice daily from the 15th to the 24th day of their menstrual cycle for 2 consecutive cycles, and to complete the same questionnaires during both the intervention cycles.

The effects of dydrogesterone and calcium plus vitamin D on general health scores were similar during the first month of intervention (11.41 ± 4.28, 12.23 ± 3.76, respectively) (p>0.05) and both of them were more effective than placebo (16.69 ± 3.28) (p<0.05). However, dydrogesterone was more effective than calcium plus vitamin D and placebo during the second month of intervention (4.33 ± 2.69, 6.2 ± 3.55, 14.39 ± 3.45, respectively) (p<0.05). No significant differences between groups regarding drugs' side effects (p>0.05) were found.

Both dydrogesterone and calcium D were more effective than placebo in promoting women's general health. Dydrogesterone was, however, more efficient than calcium plus vitamin D.

PMID: 20957321

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  • This study did not see to consider the several day delay between taking vitamin D and the benefit in the body

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