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Vitamin D - Legal doping for sports professionals, amateurs and their families (book in German) 2020

In no pharmaceutical laboratory in the world will a substance be developed over the next few years that has even remotely such comprehensive qualities as the sun hormone vitamin D. How something like this can be is proven in the book with numerous scientific studies - including legal doping in the Sports.

Legal doping - does it even exist?
Yes, and without any harmful side effects!

How does that work?

Simple: Vitamin D is not an exogenous drug, but a hormone that people have been making themselves in their skin under the influence of the sun for millions of years. However, since we are rarely in the sun in the 21st century, we lack this important hormone for the control of our complex human system. The consequences of this deficit for our body are manifold and are explained in the individual chapters of this guide.

So we do not add drugs with risky side effects, but give the body back what it has lost in the modern environment. But what he essentially needs in order to develop the evolutionary potential that is inherent in him. This includes that vitamin D controls more than 2000 genes! Nobody falls dead if they have too little sun hormone, but all cells function worse - including the muscle and nerve cells, which are jointly responsible for the movement of our body.

Legal doping with vitamin D (not only in sport) therefore means a lot more - as we will show in the additional chapters. Above all, the quality of life improves, as the sun hormone helps avoid annoying or dangerous diseases. This could have consequences: for example, moving to a nursing home could be postponed by many years.

With this in mind, the authors wish good luck with legal doping with vitamin D.

Authors: Prof. Jörg Spitz, Alexander Martens, Sebastian Weiß
56 pages (not in electronic form, so it cannot be easily translated)

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