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Too much vitamin D: 1 pcnt increase in infants with food allergy, too little: 500 pcnt increase in children with food allergy - Aug 2015

Increased vitamin D levels at birth and in early infancy increase offspring allergy risk—evidence for involvement of epigenetic mechanisms

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Letter to the Editor

Kristin M. Junge, PhDa, Tobias Bauer, PhDb, Stefanie Geissler, PhDc, Frank Hirche, PhDd, Loreen Thürmann, MSca, Mario Bauer, MDa, Saskia Trump, PhDa, Matthias Bieg, MScb, d, Dieter Weichenhan, PhDe, Lei Gu, PhDb, Jan-Philipp Mallm, PhDf, Naveed Ishaque, PhDb, d, Oliver Mückee, Stefan Röder, PhDg, Gunda Herberth, PhDa, Ulrike Diez, MDh, Michael Borte, MDh, Karsten Rippe, PhDf, Christoph Plass, PhDe, Carl Hermann, PhDb, i, Gabriele I. Stangl, PhDc, Roland Eils, PhDb, d, i, j, Irina Lehmann, PhDa, g, irina.lehmann at ufz.de

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