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Remdesivir approved to treat COVID in Infants, yet Vitamin D is 3000 X more cost effective and widely used - April 2022

FDA Rubber-Stamps Remdesivir for Infants Without Evidence of Safety, Efficacy

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  • "According to the press release, the FDA’s decision to approve the therapy, marketed under the name Veklury, is supported by a clinical study conducted on infants 4 weeks and older weighing a minimum of 6.6 pounds."
  • "The study is underway and will not be completed until February 2023. There are no published results."
  • "However, Gilead Sciences, maker of remdesivir and sponsor of the study, provided the following details in a company press release:"
    • A total of 53 hospitalized pediatric patients were enrolled in the clinical study.
    • 72% suffered adverse events.
    • 21% suffered serious adverse events determined to be unrelated to the drug.
    • Three children died from either underlying conditions or COVID-19.

Note: Gilead saw $5.6B in remdesivir sales in 2021
Assuming $3,100 per dose, Gilead sold 1.8 million doses in 2022
Well over 1 billion doses of vitamin D were sold in 2022

Remdesivir ‘Disastrous’ as COVID Treatment, But Government Pays Hospitals to Use It - May 2022

The Defender

  • "Remdesivir, which to this day is the primary COVID drug approved for use in U.S. hospitals, routinely causes severe organ damage and, often, death."
  • "Despite its horrible track record, the U.S. government actually pays hospitals a 20% upcharge for sticking to the remdesivir protocol, plus an additional bonus. Hospitals must also use remdesivir if they want liability protection."


"Safety and effectiveness ... have not been established in pediatric patients younger than 12 years of age" (package insert)

Natural Health May 2, 2022

VitaminDWiki - Children with higher Vitamin D had less severe COVID (no surprise) – April 2022
VitaminDWiki - Severe pediatric COVID 5.5 more likely if low vitamin D (review of 6 studies) -July 2021
VitaminDWiki - Vitamin D might reduce Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children – March 2021
Vitamin D is 3000 X more cost-effective, studied on 16X more patients, with virtually no side effects however, Gilead Sciences had the money to petition for the FDA approval

5,000 X ROI for Gilead Sciences ($5,000 of profit for every $1 invested)
Guessing: $1 billion in profit in 2 years for $200,000 cost (trial + FDA petition)

Probably would cost $50,000 to petition the FDA that Vitamin D can reduce COVID risk in children

Unfortunately, there are >100 Vitamin D suppliers,. so the additional total Vitamin D sales ($3 million?) would be greatly deluted
Addional sales:<$3 million $1 of vitamin D per infected child X 24 million children X 1 in 10 are infected
Guess increased profit = 20% X increased sales = $600,000
Ther might be a single manufactuer that has 5% of the market - it would get increased revenue of $30,000
This would not repay the $50,000 cost to petition the FDA

Many successful vitamin D early treatment trials for adults


Vitamin D is much better than Remdesivir for adults



VitaminDWiki - Infant-Child category has 817 studies and starts with

Having a good level of vitamin D cuts in half the amount of:

Need even more IUs of vitamin D to get a good level if;

  • Have little vitamin D: premie, twin, mother did not get much sun access
  • Get little vitamin D: dark skin, little access to sun
  • Vitamin D is consumed faster than normal due to sickness
  • Older (need at least 100 IU/kilogram, far more if obese)
  • Not get any vitamin D from formula (breast fed) or (fortified) milk
    Note – formula does not even provide 400 IU of vitamin D daily

Infants-Children need Vitamin D

VitaminDWiki pages with FDA in the title (35 as of April 2022)

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