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Reduce blood pressure by 9 mm with triple hypertensive drug or 19 mm with Magnesium – April 2018

Three Antihypertensives Instead of Magnesium

by Dr. Dean, whom I refer to as Ms. Magnesium.
She has written a great book Magnesium Miracle, 2nd edition - Aug 2017

Magnesium may reduce Hypertension better than Vitamin D

Both appear to reduce hypertension better than drugs at far lower cost and with virtually no side effects

Hypertension and Magnesium

Hypertension category listing contains the following

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Incidence of 30 health problems related to vitamin D has doubled in a decade
160% increase per decade (women, age adjusted)

Both Magnesium and Vitamin D and been proven to independantly treat many health problems

Venn diagram of health problem treatment: Both Treat, Only Magnesium, Only Vitamin D, Neither
Suspect a strong synergism from using both Magnesium and Vitamin D to reduce hypertension, but unaware of any studies (April 2018)

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